The Kolbrin Bible: Millennia ago, Egyptian and Celtic authors recorded prophetic warnings for All online orders are securely processed through The Kolbrin, or The Kolbrin Bible, is a collection of texts alleged to be the of the Kailedy; the same group also presents an online edition. Information About The Kolbrin Bible – English – EspaƱol. – Nibiru and The Kolbrin. – Planet X and The Kolbrin Bible Connection – Why The Kolbrin Bible is the.

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So while his workmen drew bright blades from the thunderstones, Habaris taught Herthew and his battlebrothers, and these were the things they learned from his mouth.

The fox, shivering in the coldlands, lolbrin for warmth and so its cubs have warmer coats. Thus Habaris bore the shame of belittlement in the eyes of men, for Klara was furtively unfaithful. To this end, the sincere efforts of the Publishers and Distributors, and all profits from this book, are dedicated. All was formless, without movement, calm, silent, void and dark. The value of what has been salvaged and preserved here is not for the present compilers to determine, research or ko,brin.

Guide to the Kolbrin

Does mankind still lie passive like driftwood upon the sea of spiritual apathy, driven back and forth by changeable winds and conflicting currents, making no headway?

This is known because those who were with Dadam came out of the barren places and learned the ways of builders, becoming great among the Ubalites and raising cities along the rivers. Nevertheless, the Kolbrin Bible is becoming increasingly popular, therefore is entirely appropriate for us to study and discuss it so that we can form or own conclusions about the book and will be more knowledgeable when participating in any discussions where it may be mentioned.

To this and similar parts of the Otherworld the wicked would be drawn when they passed through the grim gates of death.

It put forth horns and sang, being unlike any other ever seen. What is fated must be, for at no point can there be any turning back. The sun is not as it was before, and a moon disappears. He cried for bread and went hungry, he shivered and was cast out, he was sick and driven into the forest. An unaccomplishable purpose would be eternal frustration and therefore, the universe being created purposefully it must have an objective.


This appears to mark the end of the Old Culdians as a coherent body, but steps were taken to preserve the Kolbrin. This loosened his tongue so it became uncontrollable, making him babble like a child, and the sickness covered his body with red sores from which came an issue.

Wisdom From the Ancients

Even among mortal beings, who is there that could find satisfactory fiilfillment in self-love? This page was last modified on 17 Novemberat To achieve his ends Lewid gave Maeva a potion which had been prepared by the Moonmother and she administered this to Dadam and those with him, by guile and deceit, so that they fell asleep.

He saw sunrise and the sunsetting in their splendour, but longed for things not realisable in the place where he lived. Funeral cone of Pasinesu source.

The Kolbrin Bible – Wisdom From the Ancients

May they serve you in your day as well as they served us. They crept out from caves and came down from the mountainsides. He said, “Your daughter Klara has delighted me with her winsome ways, she has charmed me with her gaiety and beauty; she has displayed much pleasure in my company, surely I have not misread the signs”. So equipped Herthew went to the encampment of Idalvar, taking eight fighting men with him.

In the days that followed, the enchantment caused demons to enter through the wound and take up their abode, so Herthew was tormented and his body wracked before subsiding into the quietness which precedes death. Far better to have lesser aspirations. He gave them the Laws of Weal and Woe and established the folkfeasts of harvest-tide and seeding-tide. The similarities in their teachings are too glaring to ignore, and not least in the name itself.

These books are the glorious embodiment of Eternal Truth, but the words and expressions are unworthy garments so that misconception and misunderstanding are not possible. We who lie so far back along the road trust you have bibls beyond such petty aspirations. Would you prefer the secret of life, of eternal youth? These books, which we hand into the keeping of time, were written under the authority bivle revelation and inspiration.


So when they next went to the meeting place, Idalvar was proclaimed the war leader, with his sons to follow according to their ages, should he fall in battle.

In the days when Estartha was teaching, Namtenigal often came to hear her words and The Children of God were not displeased, for teaching the wild men about them was a duty with which they had been charged.

So Habaris concealed many things from them and taught, by simple tales, things within their understanding. No man about the king could understand the making of such weapons, offspring of fire and stone, but Habaris made others and Herthew became the king’s right hand man and the first hero of the Noble Race. Over subsequent centuries, Egyptian scribes wonder where their Motherland could have been. The Earth vomited forth great gusts of foul breath from awful mouths opening up in the midst bbile the land.

The surging waters overwhelmed the land and man, his flocks and his gardens and all his works ceased to exist.

KOLBRIN BIBLE – Awareness of Nothing

The greatest clarity seemed to arise throuh your breakdown of the children of god and the children of man and the suqsequent progeny and genetic anonalies on either side. Rain fell gently once more and clouds of fleece floated across dayskies.

Also, there was a custom forbidding the intermingling of blood, but kolbrinn was no doubt as to what she was, some thinking she was one who could be acceptable. It lay at the foot of a mountain which was cleft at its rising, and out of it flowed the river of Tardana which watered the plain. To understand it fially one must stand off and view it as a whole, even then comprehension must flow fi-om the heart and mind, not fi-om the eyes. Some have suggested that Iolo Morganwg himself forged the Kolbrinbut my research says no.