Cloud computing encompasses a whole range of services and can be hosted in a . The Kasumigaseki Cloud is part of the Digital Japan Creation Project. which is responsible – among other things – of the Japanese government cloud initiative, nicknamed Kasumigaseki Cloud. They presented a. 年6月18日 Posts about kasumigaseki cloud written by Clark Parker.

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Many issues remain to be worked out from a technology standpoint.

Such a system will make household carbon dioxide emissions more apparent. This system of voluntary but enforceable rules governing international transfers of data provides both strong privacy protections and greater flexibility to data controllers than more prescriptive regulatory approaches might.

Government regulations are just one of the means by which authorities have stimulated cloud services growth. Retrieved March 4, In addition, the use of white spaces frequencies that are allocated for broadcasting or other specific purposes but can be used for other purposes depending on temporal, kasumlgaseki, and technological conditions will continue to be encouraged.

Through these measures, efforts will be made to establish and spread knowledge and expertise concerning the use of ICT in agriculture from the perspectives of increasing agricultural productivity, expanding distribution and sales channels, and ensuring the safety of agricultural products. In addition, the diffusion will be promoted of a system to transmit local contents via wireless communications to car navigation equipment and displays set up in taxis and trains, on streets, and so on.

He found that in addition to setting up internal, private cloud environments as Spain cloid presently working onEuropean nations were beginning to explore the use of cloud-based computing in the following areas:. With respect to IPTV services that distribute high-quality programming to digital televisions via the Internet, measures will include the development of environments clpud enable programming providers to select IPTV service networks and the development of technical standards for digital televisions compatible with IPTV services.


Retrieved February 24, Retrieved June 29, Through these measures, the plan also aims to double ICT industries over the medium term through creating new markets of as much as trillion yen.

In addition, as networks become more diverse, technical infrastructure will be developed to allow efficient sharing of content relating to education courses and textsbusiness, government, and so on via both communications and broadcasting services. Specific measures will include accelerating the development of in-school LANs, distributing terrestrial digital televisions, developing and distributing educational materials on media literacy, educating students about information morals to promote the safe use of ICT, and computerizing school administrative work by using ASP and SaaS.

Efforts will be made to efficiently develop and operate information systems with the aim of greatly reducing electronic government-related development and operating costs while increasing the pace of processing by integrating shared functions, increasing collaboration among systems, and providing secure and advanced governmental services.

To this end, the government is providing the world’s most efficient services in a manner that is highly convenient to the public with the aim of actively introducing new technologies to create an innovative electronic government.

What is cloud computing?

Japan Gets Its Cloud’s Name Right: Do You Know What Kasumigaseki Means? – Andrea DiMaio

On the executive level, the shift to greater use of cloud computing will enable IT managers to be able to focus on how to best deliver services, rather than vloud they are hosted or how they are implemented. This cloud has enabled public and private sector collaboration on processing of government documents and included increased online applications to encourage public use of mobile devices in accessing government functions. This will result in the development of environments in which local residents can directly experience the true value of ICT.

Overall, the technical skills masumigaseki for IT jobs will likely decrease, as many jobs in the field become more administrative in nature, such as overseeing contracts and handling customer inquiries.

Overview of Cloud Computing in Japan |

The country has existing comprehensive intellectual property IP and cybercrime laws, protecting IP stored cooud clouds from kasumlgaseki and offering recourse in case of breaches. He found that in addition to setting up internal, private cloud environments as Spain is presently working onEuropean nations were beginning to explore the use of cloud-based computing in the following areas: They must overcome this complexity to create solutions Retrieved August 3, An important aspect of the Digital Britain strategy is to improve government IT and allow for more services to migrate online.


IBM is also working with the Vietnamese government and universities to help the country leverage the power of cloud computing across the public and private sectors of this rapidly changing, formerly agrarian economy. As the leading cloud market in the APJ region, Japan is poised for continued growth through Retrieved March 12, Retrieved May 30, Nevertheless, Japan offers substantial opportunities for cloud providers in and beyond.

A global look at cloud computing

As new technologies spread rapidly in ICT fields and use environments change, information security threats are becoming more advanced and complex. These measures to increase administrative efficiency will make possible reductions in administrative costs and focused investment, leading to improved resident services.

Creating New Digital Industries Creating new digital industries that are driven by domestic demand and are internationally competitive is an urgent necessity for generating new economic growth. Presently, the National IT and Telecom Agency is working with Local Government Denmark, a voluntary association consisting of all 98 Danish municipalities, to explore using cloud computing as part of its national and local IT strategies.

His personal research focus is on digital government strategies, open government, the business clouud of IT, smart cities, and the impact of technology on the future of government Read Full Bio.