Full text of “Hindu Predictive Astrology BV Raman” . According to Suryasiddhanta, Saturn is the 6 Hindu Predictive Astrology most distant planet from the earth. Hindu Predictive Astrology has 42 ratings and 1 review: Published May 1st by South Asia Books, pages, Paperback. Please Note: This title is being reprinted at present and is currently not available to order. You can browse similar titles or contact us for a personalised.

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My own publication Studies im Jalmlui Astrology may also be studied with advantage. The Sun as the central figure predominates over the entire arrangement of the celestial system and the other planets aod stars arc directed by his rays. The 8th house must be witbout any planet.

They generally exercise control over their food and drinks but in regard to their relationship with the opposite sex restraint is called for. The lords of the 2nd and the 12tb remain neutral. Learned, educated, wealthy, influential, property, crafty, happy, commanding. Judgment of a Horoscope In these departments of knowledge they can acquire mastery.

If the lord of the 4th is with the lord of the 1st occupying a good place or if the 4th lord occupies trines or quadrants, the perstyi possesses many houses.

Jaimini and 3 Tajaka. If Saturn becomes the lord of the 6th and joins with Rahu or Ketu. In case the constellation be the one that ends on the next day, the duration of the asterism on the day of birth and that on the next day must be obtained thus: If the lord orthe 9th is in th e 8th or aoy moveable lign.


The chapters on Death and Unknown Birth Times open fresh fields for research and investigation. They may not be strict followers of convention. They are more gossipers than practical men. Therefore the Sun on the day of birth was in Cancer 24 degrees. The strength of the rising sign, its ruler, the planets aspecting the ascendant, the peculiarities attending on the ascendant and its lord both in Rasi astgology Navamsa should be carefully considered before any predictions are ventured.

Arietj —-Persons born in Aries vdill have a certain amount of independent thinking and reasoning faculty. They are possessed of sympathy, generosity and philanthropy and take great interest in literature, science and education.

The various elements, encompassing all matter, are altered by the motions of this ethereal power. Mars in the 8th, Sun in the 9th and Saturn in the 12th- 8.

Hindu Predictive Astrology (Bangalore Venkata B.V. Raman) PDF SCAN.pdf

Hindu Method of Casting the Horoscope 29 it must be taken as astrologg to the previous day as among the Hindus a day is hundu from sunrise to sunrise. It must be noted that when passing tbrough tbe first 10 degrees of a sign, Mars and tbe Sun produce results.

Death generally occurs during the periods and sub- periods of such planets. Planets in Different Rasis or Signs reckless, cruel, stubborn, unprincipled, impulsive, idiotic, indolent, surgical skill, dexterous, military ability.

The Sun and the Moon produce 1 Kajayoga.

Hindu Predictive Astrology

The following quarters padas of the constellations comprise the twelve zodiacal signs: It is held to be good when benefics aspect each other 7th house aspect. Bby Oasa period o f the lords o f the 6th and the 8th produce harmfu l results unless they acquire beneficence otherwise. Hasta, Robini, Anuradha, Mrigalira and Moola arc favourable.

The lord of the 3rd also must be considered ; both of them must occupy a friendly house and must be found not in a Bhavasandhi junction of two houses but in a Bhavamadhva mid-point of a house. While the modern scientists acknowledge astronomy. If the lord of the lrd is in the 12th a. Mercury and Venus wten combined together cause Rajayoga. Subtract from 60 ghatis, the number of ghatis and vigbatis at which the Moon left the previous constellation.


If the Moon occupies asrtology 10th house and Mars aspects it, the native will earn money by selling prdeictive stones and dealings rwman aristocracy, women of questionable character and agriculture to some extent. Aries governs the face.

For, wben a child bas a poor longevity to its credit, it would be unnecessary to ellamine the other favourabl e combinations. This will correspond with tbe time in that year when tbe SUD occupies the exact position he did at birth.

Hindu Predictive Astrology (Bangalore Venkata B.V. Raman) PDF – Free Download PDF

On page 35 the daily motion of the Sun on the day is given as 57 mioutes and 34 seconds. They often have a double chin. If Venu, predictjve the: Its lord is Saturn. To ask other readers questions about Hindu Predictive Astrologyplease sign up. In judging athoroscope, both types of relationships should be carefully fposidered thus: The Moon owns Cancer. In any estim ate of resu ta th.

When the Sun and Mars combine together they produce Rajayoga. Keture rated it it was amazing Apr 21,