First published in , Vine Deloria Jr.’s God Is Red remains the seminal work on Native religious views, asking new questions about our species and our. God is Red: A Native View of Religion, 30th Anniversary Edition [Vine Deloria Jr., Leslie Silko, George E. Tinker] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying. God Is Red [Vine Deloria Jr.] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Deloria offers an alternative to Christianity through a return to Indian beliefs.

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From this point forward, it was no longer a community having a common ethnic identity.

Over all, I highly recommend this work to anyone interested in American religious ideology. Follow Us on Facebook. The book then contrasts tribal religion with that, veloria that since tribal religion is focused on the needs of a particular people and isn’t generalizable outside that group, it doesn’t produce the religious animus that Christianity does.

God Is Red: A Native View of Religion by Vine Deloria Jr.

While I feel this is an important subject, circular and flawed logic is not the best way to examine it. The first and most blatant is the bizarre diversion off into Immanuel Velikovsky ‘s Worlds in Collision and vinne theories about Venus being a comet and Venus and Mars ping-ponging around the solar system to produce many of the ancient accounts of miracles. But mainly he doesn’t, to my mind, give enough of a positive presentation of Native American religion, spending the bulk of his time on the attack.

That is when the invaders of the North American continent will finally discover that for this land, God is red. The Great Spirit, in placing men on earth, desired them to take good care of the ground and to do each other no harm. Browse all BookRags Study Guides. Dec 20, Byrd Alyssa rated it vinw was amazing Shelves: Vine Deloria describes the state of religion in the United States as it pertains to both caucasian history and beliefs and native history and beliefs.


God Is Red: A Native View of Religion Summary & Study Guide

Aug 31, Holly rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: This is not a coherent community sharing a profound sense of responsibility for the wellbeing of their ecosystem. Mar 06, Tom rated it liked it. I’m referring rec Deloria’s excessively long-winded and highly questionable defense of some pretty out-there conspiracy theories.

He does make some excellent and quite incisive points about modern American culture and our relationship to the environment, but those good points are sparse among silly insults, willfully flimsy analysis, and even outright falsehoods i.

The lack of community in Western culture is something that a lot of sociologists have noticed in books like Bowling Alone: I’m pretty sure you could say the I put this on the back burner, as it’s not exactly “read for 10 minutes before bed” material, xeloria it has given me many new things to think about. Jan 13, Adam82 rated it liked it. Over time, the Jesus movement expanded into other regions.

One day, a revelation from God arrived — the Messiah could not return until all nations had heard the story of Jesus. The future of humankind lies waiting for those who will come to understand their lives and take up vije responsibilities to all living things. A Native View of Religion. Oct 18, Sarah Beaudoin rated it liked it.

The majority of the book seems to be focused toward pointing out the superiority of the Indian tribal religions. Oct 05, Kate rated it it was ok Shelves: Deloris the strongest section of the book comes when the author gets to his real subject: Es un cambio de paradigma gigante y creo, muy importante.


God Is Red: A Native View of Religion

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. I especially enjoyed learning about how natives regard other species as a people, with their own methods of communication. He offers an interesting missing piece and alternative history for all that seek to find the truth.

Overall, “God is Red: More importantly, I find the depictions of tribal religions to be mind-blowing. The Snowbowl wants to use reclaimed wastewater to make snow there for skiing. One of the most compelling subjects tackled in the book is the concept of Creation and the Deity.

I put this on the back burner, as it’s not exactly “read for 10 minutes before bed” material, but it has given me many new things to think about.

Instead it seemed to be an attack on Christian religions, and while I think there’s a lot to be criticized about the way Christian religions are run, I could read that in any number of other books.

Thanks for telling us about the problem.

Some of the sentiments, of course, were beautiful and real, and I appreciate this book for saying all of that.