A.V. Pogorelov was born in , March 3, in Korocha of Belgorod district ( Russia). He graduated Kharkov . Geometria elemental (in Spanish).-Moscow: Mir. Alekséi Vasílievich Pogorélov (en ruso: Алексе́й Васи́льевич Погоре́лов, en ucraniano: Олексі́й Васи́льович Погорє́лов; 2 de marzo de 17 de diciembre de ) fue un matemático soviético y ucraniano. Es más conocido por sus contribuciones a la geometría convexa y Geometría elemental. Moscú, Editorial Mir-. View Geometria Diferencial – Aleksei Vasilevich from MEN at UFSC. A. v. POGORov Geometra diferencial EDITORIAL M il A. D. HO r OPE.

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At the same time he attended the external post-graduate courses. They were generally recognized when he solved the very difficult problem of rigidity of general convex surfaces by their metrics. The scope of his scientific interests is defined by a rare combination of gifts for mathematics and engineering. Pogorelov is an author of more than publications including about 40 monographies and textbooks.

Surfaces of bounded extrinsic curvature pogorflov Russian.

Mir Publishers, p. Geometry in Ukrainian. V Pogorelov are concerned with geometry in the large, fundamentals of geometry, theory of partial differential equations, theory of stability of thin shells, cryogenic electric mashine engineering.

Extrinsic geometry of convex surfaces in English. Analytical geometry in Russian. Geometdia on the foundations of geometry in English. Cylindrical shells under postcritical deformations in Russian I.


Geometria Elemental – Pogorelov

Geometfia in Russian. Lectures on differential geometry in English. Strictly convex shells under postcritical deformations in Russian: Die Verbiegung konvexer Flachen in German. His attention has been also concentrated on t he improvement of the school mathematical education. Geometrical geoometria in non-linear theory of elastic shells in Russian. Pogorelov defended the Candidate’s thesis and the Doctor’s thesis His achievements in the scientific researches were appraised at their true worth and A.

For his scientific and pedagogica activity A. Multidimensional Monge-Ampere equation in English. Bending of surfaces and stability of shells in English.

Alekséi Pogorélov

Pogorelov was born inMarch 3, in Korocha of Belgorod district Russia. Differential geometry in Russian.

Topic in the theory of surfaces in elliptic space in English. He graduated Kharkov University and N.

Subsequently,he also obtained a number of fundamental results: Pohorelov elemental in Spanish. His professional experience advanced from engineer-designer at TsAGI Pogorelov includes the well- known A.

He created the text book of geometry which was included into school curricula in after being experimentally tested in a number of secondary schools. Lectures on analytic geometry in Russian. Some results on surfaces theory in the large in English. The theorem proved by A.

Alekséi Pogorélov – Wikipedia, la enciclopedia libre

The Minkowsky multidimensional problem in English. To the theory of convex elastic shells in postcritical stage in Russian. Pogorelov has developed the original geometrical theory of stability of elastic shells and determined a series of new results on value of the critical loads, pogoreloc was corroborated by himself experimentally. He also suggested original solution in the field of the superconducting electric mashine engineering.


Nierly all his monographies were translated into other languages abroad. The textbook is noted for its practical aspect of teaching geometry, from one part, and direction of attention towards a development of logical thinking, abilities of pupils according to their age features and individual gifts, on the other part, that fully meets up-to-date requirements.

On Geoometria equations of elliptic type in Russian. Geometric theory of stability of shells in Russian. Loss of stability of shells. Pogorelov is the author of the textbooks written for higher schools on all basic geometrical subjects which are notable for treir original text, mathematical strict proof and clarity.

Die eindeutige Bestimmung allgemeiner convexer Flachen in German. Zhukowsky Air Force Academy Cohn-Vossen results as partial cases.