DentiMax is easy to set up and easy to use. All versions DentiMax software come with days of telephone technical support, a comprehensive manual. Unless you live “off the grid,” you know that technology is an excellent tool. In a dental practice, technology has eliminated many daily manual. Compare pricing for DentiMax against the competition. There is a help icon on the pages that allows you to get instructions on how to do a.

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Likes Best user friendly powerful billing capabilities built-in report writer very impressive support team with amazing response time easy interface to 3rd party systems bridging almost done for all imaging software. Likes Best I am so happy that this software is user-friendly.

Austin from Advantage Dental Specialty: General dentistry May I did not like dentinax ledger when I first started it. Great customer support, I always get resolution to my questions and issues are resolved in a very timely manner, even with the time zone differences.

Start your review of DentiMax. May May Claim submission is not what I expected.

DentiMax Software

Tejal from Dentist Specialty: Likes Best I have been using this software for the past 8 yearsat first all my friends laughed at me for buying this product nobody believed this thing is going to work at this price, after 8 years and training 5 different biller and recommending this to many friends and recently upgrading to a newer version and comparing it to my other office dentrix G 5 and asking all my nine employees which one is better on daily bases and comparing tech support this is a very good product and a very good company.


I guess right now I am so frustrated because I know all the issues we have to deal with on a daily basis should not be a problem and it is overshadowing the good of the program. I also have an intraoral camera that I’ve never been abke to function correctly. Dental practices deserve the latest technology solutions at an affordable price.

From the charting screen, you are literally one click away from digital x-rays, clinical notes, treatment planning and medical alerts. When services are keyed in, a lot of the time Dentemax does not take into account the insurance and charges everything to the patient. The only problem is the hold time when calling in for support. DentiMax is very user-friendly and is very easy to follow. Likes Least I did not like the ledger when I first started it.

Be ready to try and explain the bill. Graphical claim editors are easy to use and are designed to save you and your staff time as well as minimize your claim rejections. DentiMax’s customer support is the best. The system is very intuitive in the sequence of windows you go through. In just fifteen minutes, the experts at Software Advice can help you narrow down the right software for your organization. Take a look at their Scheduler Screen, see that little box in the top left hand corner, see the little arrows Recommendations If you are up to date with dental programs than this is easy sailing.

  ASTM F2413 05 PDF

Dentemax has Cores defaulted to Class II. When you see the patient balance on the ledger, there are several other things you may be seeing, such as the family account versus just the patient account.

DentiMax Software Reviews – Page 3

I Love Denrimax Software!!! Pros Ease of use. I can understand why you would be frustrated if the below were accurate for the performance of our system and what we represent. Our tech support team will call you to make sure you have the most up to date release at no charge to you.

Updating your current dental software program to DentiMax may be less expensive than paying your annual maintenance and support fees Why is DentiMax Software priced so low? I would recommend anyone to utilize this software for help their practice run effectively and efficiently detnimax have a daily workflow ease.

This Practice Management solfware is user friendly and offers many features. An example, there is a 1 cent rounding problem.

It is so nice to have my assistant chair side charting what is being performed, having that dentimac appear in the daily ledger and for that same information to appear on a claim or statement, is a beautiful thing.