Complete Warrior is a supplemental rulebook for the edition of the Dungeons and Dragons ?x=dnd/cwc/a; ^ Ryan, Michael (December 5, ). “Product Spotlight: Complete Warrior”. Wizards. D&D Complete Scoundrel. Uploaded by. Addy Hernandez. D&D – Psionics Handbook. Uploaded by. a D&D E – Monster Manual II. Uploaded. Home ยท Documents; D&D Complete Warrior DESCRIPTION. Complete Warrior handbook for D&D

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You have mastered the art of defense in combat. For example, a chaotic good spellcaster could acquire a neutral familiar. These new classes don’t always take the path you’d expect them to, either. You are a master of fighting with two maces at Dragonlance Forgotten Realms Greyhawk Ravenloft.

Supplemental Rules There are thirty-one pages in this chapter, mainly dealing with new feats, but also introducing new spells, monsters and uses for skills.

D&D 3.5 Complete Warrior

The Swashbuckler is a fighter that emphasizes finesse, style and flair, combining martial prowess with amazing acrobatics to outmaneuver opponents. Complete Warrior Cover of Complete Warrior. It seems reasonably balanced, though. So Wizards is updating material, making it useful for a new edition and is moving on.

When your opponent is larger than Medium, you gain a circumstance bonus on your grapple check to escape a grapple or dd&d. The penalty you take when using a ranged weapon if your mount is taking a double move is eliminated, and the penalty for using a ranged weapon when your mount is running comllete lessened from -4 to – 2. With a single motion, you can watrior a light weapon When you use the Power Attack feat against a favored enemy, you may subtract a number from your melee attack rolls and add twice that number to your melee damage rolls.

You know how to get inside your opponent’s guard by pinning his shield out of the way. Your damage reduction increases by 1. For instance, a Large longsword a one-handed weapon for a Large creature is considered a two-handed weapon for a Medium creature that does not have this feat. It’s not for me, however. In the prestige class section I found myself saying “I liked the original artwork better” if you’re rewriting an warrlor prestige class you have got to make sure the art waerior the reader and makes them want to use it.


D&D Complete Warrior

The book starts with an introduction, and as many know, I detest introductions. Retrieved from ” https: Rage or frenzy ability. Inexorable Progress of Dawn: You can make mounted overrun attempts against more than one foe, resolving each attempt according to the rules on page and of the Player’s Handbook. You can channel energy to increase the damage you deal in combat.

When you take this feat, you gain two extra attempts to smite per day. A fighter may select Combat Brute as one of his fighter bonus feats.

If you take it with the same weapon, the effects of the feats stack. You can shatter barriers and objects when enraged. Extra Rage 98 You may rage more frequently than normal. Even Wizards and Sorcerers benefit from some of the options in this book.

Want to see the newest version of the bladesinger that doesn’t have a seperate spell list? Without this feat, you take a -5 penalty on Ride checks without a saddle, and you must make a Ride check to control a mount in combat and controlling a mount not trained for combat requires a move action.

You can ride a mount in combat with ease, even Trying to land a blow against you can be a maddening experience. Seven new spells are added, and the Hexblade’s spell list is given.

The Frenzied Berserker is good–that is, if you wzrrior to d& wig out during a fight even moreso than just a straight barbarian. When fighting with two weapons, your defenses are extraordinarily strong.


Your rage engenders fear in your opponents. You can channel energy to deal extra damage against undead It’s official, I gave it a 2.

Complete Warrior

As a free action, spend one of your turn undead attempts to add 2d6 points of damage to all your successful melee attacks against undead until the end of the current round. This movement does not provoke an attack of opportunity for either character. You and allies with this feat can coordinate melee attacks A fighter may compleet Ranged Disarm as one of his fighter bonus feats. These feats are almost multi-feats in that you can do more than one thing with them.

High Sword Low Axe You have mastered the style of fighting with a sword and axe at the same time. You can ride a mount in combat with ease, even bareback.

Each time you take this compllete it applies to a new ranged weapon. And, at 10th level, they can channel two spells into their weapon requiring a move action per spell channeled. Between Oriental Adventures, The Quintessential Samurai, and this I now have three choices of Samurai core classes and this is by far my least favorite The Quintessential Samurai being my most favorite.

You still take the normal penalties for fighting with two weapons. Also, providing Improved Initiative as a free feat at 8th level isn’t either. You can attack an opponent’s weapon at a distance. It also looks at the effects of deities, discussing both sarrior PHB deities and a new pantheon designed for a warrior-orientated game.