Comprehension Connections is the bestselling resource that teachers love! Tanny McGregor uses real-life objects in surprising ways to make abstract. Comprehension Connections has ratings and 51 reviews. Fortunately Tanny McGregor has developed visual, tangible, everyday lessons that make. Fortunately Tanny McGregor has developed visual, tangible, everyday lessons Comprehension Connections is a guide to developing children’s ability to fully.

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Comprehenslon Orth rated it it was amazing Dec 02, Some of the strategies have different names, which are available for you to choose.

This was our summer book club book at school. When I am reading the “text” a red card in placed in the red salad bowl.

The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 is I thought the book could have been mo I highly recommend this book to all of my reading-teacher friends! Definitely a great read for comprehension strategies for students who need more concrete thinking. Jul 04, Tenille Shade rated it it was amazing Shelves: This ability can be an indication that a reader understands the text.

Apr 22, Marsha Jones rated it it was amazing Shelves: Jan 04, Tammy rated it it was amazing. Mar 02, Marilyn added it. Relating the strategies to something concrete makes so much sense. Each night students take home these folders to share with their families to retell and share what we read in class. Be sure to check back often for updates to our Strategies for Reading Comprehension Page.

Each time their thinking changes, it’s written or drawn in the next ring. Aug 28, Amy rated it it was amazing Shelves: If we teach thinking strateges out of text before teaching them within, our kids just may have a more seamless tansition as they use and apply strategies flexibly in their reading.

As I presented those lessons, I began using Level E, F, and G books so that students would be able to focus on the process. It has made the lessons in the other great books mentioned so much easier because the preteaching of the strategy in concrete ways made the more abstract lessons possible.


So, in light of my concern expressed in my earlier blog that we’re making kids work too hard by keeping ideas and information abstract, is this find serendipitous or what?

Before long, students will start seeing connections between the images that will expand your work. Great concrete ways to introduce the strategies and get students familiar and confident with fonnections before having them jump into text and use them!!!


These simple sounds can be combined to make more complex variations, much like how your thinking combines to make more complex thoughts when you are reading. Strategies for Reading Comprehension Template Use the above template to display the strategies for reading comprehension in your classroom. Jul 10, Ashley Eivins rated it it was amazing. It would have been five stars if I taught that grade level. Every teacher in compregension should have this book. Tanny provides tangible lessons that make abstract thinking concrete.

That’s the key; pick up a book they never noticed before.

Comprehension Connections by Tanny McGregor

Just like people who ask good questions when they are reading have a better chance of comprehending the text! For example, one chapter is devoted to the skill of inferring, but serves as an umbrella for predicting, analyzing theme, and studying characters. Jun 21, Beth Bell rated it it was amazing. If a student directs a question to me, I simply shrug my shoulders. For more information on teaching children how to read by themselves and with a buddy, I recommend connevtions “The Daily Five” by Gail Boushey and Joan Moser.

To ask other readers questions about Comprehension Connectionsplease sign up.

This is an excellent teacher resource for teaching “big idea” reading strategies such as using metacognition, schema, visualizing, and questioning using a variety of modes of learning. Help them make connections to the ideas behind reading and watch as your readers go deeper into texts than ever before.


Comprehension Connections by Tanny McGregor. Bridges to Strategic

Tanny McGregor uses real-life objects in surprising ways to make abstract comprehension strategies concrete for K—6 readers.

Inferring, questioning, determining importance. Important information, but a bit underwhelming. Open Preview See a Problem? I tell them to draw or write whatever pops into their head. Molly rated it it was amazing Sep 15, This strategy involves the ability of readers to make mental images of cmoprehension text as a way to understand processes or events they encounter during reading.

Then I link their inferences conjections all of the evidence with arrows. Comprehension, Language Arts, Reading.

This book is so amazing. Tanny McGregor is an instructional coach who has developed concrete experiences to help children understand comprehension strategies. Comprehension Connections makes the comprehension process achievable, accessible, and incremental. My favorite reading strategy book! I’m done,” at which point the teacher can either say, “Your mind did not intersect with this, let’s put the book away,” or “Let’s look closer to find out how the author establishes meaning.

In fact, good readers cnnections are able to visualize when they are reading are able to recall what they read better than readers who don’t visualize when they are reading.

The students are asked how these dolls are like their thinking. During the first week of school I send home Making Words With “Metacognition” to see how many words they can make using the letters in metacognition.