This book by Bass Drum Control () author Colin Bailey is written for Colin helps drummers become more comfortable with phrasing drum solos, and. Colin Bailey – Drum Solos – The Art of Phrasing. Report. Published on Oct- View Download AddThis Sharing Buttons. Share to Facebook. Booktopia has Drum Solos, The Art Of Phrasing by Chief Curator Colin Bailey. Buy a discounted Paperback of Drum Solos online from.

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I’m trying to keep as busy and occupied as I can, to take my mind off it. We played dances all the time. When John Coltrane played with Miles, that was great. In I went back to George Shearing.

He had a Dixieland band.

Colin Bailey – Bass Drum Control – Revised (Book + CD) – Drumtek Store

Oh, God, cornball stuff. Bailey is still active, playing drums in jazz bands and teaching. Bailey said there were two incidents in that signalled to him that jazz as the prevailing national music was coming to an end.

As for the quality of the music that the group played when he was just seven, Bailey says now that he’d “love to hear that on a recording. He was wonderful to me. When that happened, I thought, shit, Ray Brown is the greatest bass player that ever lived,” said Bailey. There was a club in Berkeley we played — I forget what that was called. Newer Post Older Qrt Home. It was very pleasant,” Bailey said.

The first track on the album “Jazz Impressions of Black Orpheus” begins simply enough: Not quite the end, but the heyday was over. Bailey’s done it all.


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We just knew we were meant for each other, you know? I used to sub for him at the club Shelley’s Manne Hole with his group. He showed me this finger control technique which is a really difficult thing.

So it may come as no surprise that Bailey subbed for the band’s regular drummer, Ed Shaughessy, for about six years. From that, bailye went to Australia on a tour in and we were on tour for 15 months in Australia and New Zealand.

It’s hard to get over that. There’s a lovely clip of Atwell being hosted on the Australian version of “This Is Your Life”, during which the host tells Bailey to sit on the couch with Atwell because “you’re her phrasinb.

Colin Bailey – Drum Solos – The Art of Phrasing

Bailey has been around long enough to have met his wife when she was working in a record store where they were still spinning 78s for the customers to being able to see an old video clip of him playing on a TV show with Ben Webster that’s posted on YouTube. And the scene in California, in L. I was from England!

So that’s how I got the call,” said Bailey. What we tend to forget now is that there were music scenes throughout the country that had their own distinct styles and culture. He said, would you like to come in and sit with us at the Jazz Workshop on Monday night,” said Bailey. All you need to do is check out his sessions with guitarists Joe Pass and Roy Clark from to see how diverse Bailey is as a player. He has an even, gentle tone to his voice, and perhaps his English accent isn’t as strong as it was when he was growing up near a little town called Swindon just before World War Purasing.


Shelley was one of the great drummers. It must have sounded like hell. But he caught a lucky break. He was a prasing player. When Joe came to L. No one sounded like Ben. The music hits a beautiful, easy stride.

Bailey had his first lesson on the drums when he was seven.

It’s turned me off. Then when I was 10, there was a drummer named Peter Coleman who was with a band called Johnny Stiles, which was one of the better semi-pro bands in England.

Max Roach — he just blew me away, that was in,” said Bailey. Guaraldi was not yet nationally known, but he was highly respected by his peers. Bailey explains the technique like this: They can be underestimated think Roy Haynes. Morello is known for his unique time signatures like the ones that can be heard on such legendary recordings as “Take Five. Peter was the drummer for them and he used to come over to my house and he taught me how to read drum parts.