Nikolai Bukharin Philosophical Arabesques Monthly Review Press, New York , pp. , $ PHILOSOPHICAL Arabesques is one of. Philosophical Arabesques is Bukharin’s gnant dating on the last page: “Nove sary of the great victory” (). Buk. and left in March to stand. Philosophical Arabesques has 12 ratings and 1 review. John said: This was a really good book! Shame Bukharin couldn’t continue his theoretical work, main.

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By latethis stance had positioned Bukharin favourably as Joseph Stalin ‘s chief ally, with Bukharin soon elaborating Stalin’s new theory and policy of Socialism in One Country. He resigned himself to this hell, this disgrace, this death.

Bukharin Intro to Philosophical Arabesques by Helena Sheehan

I constantly had to guess what the rules of the game were, so as to calculate whether I was up against breachable barriers or unsurmountable walls. Power and the Soviet EliteNew York,pp. After the death of Lenin, Bukharin cooperated with Stalin for a time. The way forward with the first five year plan was far from smooth and uncomplicated. In everyday language, idealism is a good thing. In its pages, he covers the full range of issues in Marxist philosophy—the sources of knowledge, the nature of truth, freedom and necessity, the relationship of Hegelian and Marxist dialectic.

Paul added it Oct 24, Furthermore, the process of selection includes struggle. Books of Bukharin, indeed of all the purged, disappeared from libraries. No trivia or quizzes yet. His prison writing was a struggle to play a role in that still. Shame Bukharin couldn’t continue his theoretical work, mainly because this seemed to be something of a beacon of him breaking from his previous, more mechanistic marxism, into something a lot more dynamic and flexible, there’s good groundwork in here for a rejuvenated and less dogmatic marxism, I’d definitely recommend it to everyone.

It was not only part of a revelation of the past but also a revaluation of paths into the future. There were others, many of them trained by and loyal to Bukharin, but they did not survive. Pakitoinuriak marked it as to-read Dec 21, Indeed something had been created, however imperfectly, and he was clinging to that in a kind of desperate hope that it could reassert itself against the forces that were destroying it.

However, there were signs that moderates among Stalin’s supporters sought to end official terror and bring a general change in policy, now that mass collectivization was largely completed and the worst was over.

The atmosphere in the hall was amazing. I also encountered a bruising backlash, but that is another story. It was virtually a memoir, even if names were changed. Nevertheless the population was urged to revolutionary vigilance, to root out traitors in every form of soviet activity in every corner of soviet society.


There was a new campaign against bourgeois cosmopolitanism that re-inforced all of the worst tendencies to intellectual conformism and cowardice.

Bukharin developed in and through these debates. Even more than earlier Moscow show trials, Bukharin’s trial horrified many previously sympathetic observers as they watched allegations become more absurd than ever and the purge expand to include almost every living Old Bolshevik leader except Stalin.

Certainly the genuflections to Stalin as great thinker as well as great leader must be read primarily in this way. All form is understood here in its movement, that is, in its rise, development, downfall and extinction, in its contradictions and the resolution of contradictions, in the rise of new forms and the revealing of new contradictions, in the peculiarities and qualities of new forms, which again and again become subject to the process of change. When widow, son and biographer teamed up in the s and began to gather others, his path to posterity opened into the process that would eventually bring his prison manuscripts out of dark vaults into the light of day.

Philosophical Arabesques

June Number of Pages: There was a strong sense of hope, of renewal, of possibility of really building socialism with a human face, socialism with economic efficiency, socialism with political democracy, socialism with cultural creativity. He portrayed capitalist intellectual culture as flying off in all directions, chasing one myopic version of reality after another and argued that only socialism could generate unified vision.

Bukharin and the other most high profile defendants, Rykov, Zinoviev, Kamenev, were not rehabilitated, even though the quashing of the charges against their supposed co-conspirators made the charges against them even more incredible and incoherent. Bukharin’s political life began at the age of sixteen with his lifelong friend Ilya Ehrenburg when he participated in student activities at Moscow University related to the Russian Revolution of BookDB marked it as to-read Sep 17, Its story is one of the most momentous in the history of the world.

Paddy rated it liked it Aug 13, He was 29 at the time of the revolution and 49 when he died. His attempt to link history to memoir is an act of smug and stunning disproportion. Communists abroad were disoriented, even traumatised, by the drama. There are several interpretations of Bukharin’s motivations besides being coerced in the trial.


The country of poets and thinkers has been transformed into a country of mercenaries and praetorians. Perhaps the most remarkable thing about this text is that it was written at all. And on this basis, it seems to me probable that every one of us sitting here in the dock suffered from a peculiar duality of mind, an incomplete faith in his counter-revolutionary cause… Hence a certain semi-paralysis of the will, a retardation of reflexes… this was due not to the absence of consistent thought, but to the objective grandeur of socialist construction… A dual psychology arose…Even I was sometimes carried away by the eulogies I wrote of socialist construction, although on the morrow I repudiated this by practical actions of a criminal character…We came out against the joy of the new life with the most criminal methods of struggle…The logic of this struggle led us step by step into the blackest, quagmire.

The note was allegedly found still in Stalin’s desk after his death in Instead of Jews and communists, the national security state tries to enforce political discipline through a fear of Islamic radicals and terrorism. Bukharin was editor of Izvestiya and member of the USSR Academy of Sciences and head of its commission on the history of knowledge and still active in many sectors of soviet life, from the arts and sciences to economic planning.

His declarations of loyalty to his prosecutors, most particularly to Stalin, were insincere or conflicted, but his affirmation of the cause of socialism was utterly sincere.

He received mounting depositions of testimony against him, much of it from trusted comrades, describing a vast conspiracy to subvert soviet power, to restore capitalism, to cede soviet territory to foreign powers, to assassinate Lenin, Kirov, Stalin.

Bibhusit Bista marked it as to-read Sep 20, Joe rated it it was amazing Feb 26, Pasternak described Bukharin as “a wonderful, historically extraordinary man, but fate has not been kind to him.

When you are an idealist, you live by your convictions and not by mercenary considerations of private gain. Nevertheless this past keeps pouring into our present.

In the bukhqrin, there was a fierce struggle between elements of the Communist Party who favoured a slow and incremental transition to socialism based on market relations, particularly in farming, and those who favoured a much more rapid pace with an emphasis upon industrialisation.