ADELAIDE UNIVERSITY. TFIS^ATRE GUILD. *JUNO A|.lD THE PAYCOCK”. BY. SEAN O’CASEY. AT THE I{UT. Monday. May 3l. Tuesday – — June 1. Wedrcday. Title. Juno and the paycock / Sean O’Casey. Author. O’Casey, Sean, Availability. Distributed by the University of Oxford under a Creative Commons. We need this text in an online format (preferrably not split but in one piece).’ and find homework help for other Juno and the Paycock questions at eNotes.

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On a little bje-road, out beyant Finglas, he was found. He promised you — gave you the straight tip? The job’s worth three hundred an’ fifty pounds a year, Mary.

Boyle receives them effusively. Ey, houl’ on, there; houl’ on, there 1 You’ll wait for your money now, me lassie!

Juno and the paycock / Sean O’Casey

A lamp is lighting on tue table. Nil desperandum, nil desper- andum, Captain. The Prawnal What a comical name! BOYLE brings in the things askedfor and comes out again. A well-worn annehair beside fireplace.


The anchor’s weighed, farewell, ree. Iuno whole thing is terrible, Mrs. Yis; an’ when I go into ouT Murphy’s to-morrow, an’ he gets to know that, instead o’ payin’ all, I’m goin’ to borry more, what’ll he say when I tell him a principle’s a principle? His cheeks, reddish-purple, are piffed out, as if he were always repressing an almost irrepressible ejaculation.

The fore- man at Killesther — oh yis, yis. JUNO enters hastily; she is flurried and adn You’ll sit down an’ take your breakfast, an’ let me go to me work, for I’m an hour late already waitin’ for you.

He slips out of the bed, goes over to fire and sits qnd there. I’m not goin’, then. Boyle goes over to dresser, takes up shovel, and returns to the side of Joxer, displaying the shovel. What did he do it for? I never seen him yet but he had that oul’ grin on him! Well, you’ll go over to the shop yourself for the things rhe future — I’ll face him no more.


Putting pared on table. Oh, father, that’s not Rest in Peace; that’s God save Ireland. The foreman at Killesther — oh yis, yis. Johnny urith pathetic appeal.

Full text of “Juno And The Paycock()”

I ass you, Joxer Daly, is there any morality left anywhere? When the robins neat agen. Beside the fireplace is a box con- taining coal. Them was days, Joxer, them was days. The First Irregular then goes over to other Irregu- lar, who is standing over Johnny at fireplace.

Is Johnny not well, Mrs. Boyle takes plate of sausages from table, goes over to dresser, and puts them in bottom cupboard. JoxER hte at door R. All except Johnny look at instrument.

Madigan crossing front and running out of door r.