The package hyperref provides LaTeX the ability to create hyperlinks within the . unicode, =false,true, allows to use characters of non-Latin based languages in . \documentclass{article} \usepackage[xetex]{hyperref}%works as expected \ usepackage[xetex,unicode]{hyperref}%causes issue described above \ hypersetup{%. This manual provides a brief overview of the hyperref package. .. Note that without the ‘unicode’ option of hyperref you get PDF files which actually violate the.

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JavaScript code to validate the entry.

LaTeX/Hyperlinks – Wikibooks, open books for an open world

Sets up hyperref for use with the dvips driver. Displays two pages, odd-numbered pages to the right since PDF 1. JavaScript code to control the keystrokes on entry. Fits the page to the window.

If utf8 doesn’t work try utf8x. It will show the URL using a mono-spaced font and, if you click on it, your browser will be opened pointing at it.


Be sure to call this package after loading hyperref. Stack Overflow works best with JavaScript enabled.

Copy it in your document and make the changes you want. The important point is that although the numbers are not visible, each page will have a unique name.

Option unicode=true with hyperref – TeX – LaTeX Stack Exchange

When creating PDFs destined for printing, colored links are not a good thing as they end up in gray in the final output, making it difficult to read. Email Required, but never shown. Unicode encoded PDF strings. Unicodee encoding of latex and bibtex files. Charles Stewart 9, 3 39 I had a similar hypergef with the pdftitle field.


It just shows your email address so people can know it even if the document is printed on paper but, if the reader clicks hyperef it, s he can easily send you an email. If the lemma labelled as mainlemma was number 4. Makes the page numbers of index entries into hyperlinks. If your url’s are too long and running off of the page, try using the breakurl package to split the url over multiple lines.

There are several variables and two methods to pass those to the package.

The basic usage with the standard settings is straightforward. The URL that will receive the form data if a Submit button is included in hyperef form. That is what I wrote! Moreover, PDF can contain other information about nuicode document such as the title, the author, etc.

If no value is given, section is taken as default. FitBV left Fits huperref height of the page bounding box to the window. Set all color options without border and field options. One can therefore encounter errors like. Here is a list of the possible variables you can change for the complete list, see the official documentation.


It works with pdflatex and also with standard “latex” used with dvips and ghostscript or dvipdfm to build a PDF file.

Then deal ruthlessly with the offending software. The solution to the problem is to delete all the files that latex uses to get references right and typeset again. FitR left bottom right top Fits the rectangle specified hyperrsf the four coordinates to the window. Sets the document information Author field. Color for anchor text. When you just want to provide information for the Document Info section of the PDF file, as well as enabling back references inside bibliography:.

Easily broken … encap Sets encap character for hyperindex linktoc text section make text sectionpage number pageboth all or nothing none be link on TOC, LOF and LOT linktocpage boolean false make page hyperrref, not text, be link on TOC, LOF and LOT breaklinks boolean false allow links to break hypergef lines by making links over multiple lines into PDF links to the same target colorlinks boolean false Colors the text of links and anchors.