Stream Oraçao in C with Padrinho Alfredo and Rute, a playlist by Mandala- Veeren-Prem from desktop or your mobile device. Stream “Escala” (Padrinho Alfredo) by Leo do Gamarra from desktop or your mobile device. Padrinho Alfredo Santo Daime Hinario. HINARIO OFICIAL – SÃO JOSE – O CRUZEIRINHO DO PADRINHO ALFREDO – SANTO DAIME MEDELLIN. Public. · Hosted by Céu Condor Águia – Santo.

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But when he was at maninho’s house, Germano ate everything he wanted and didn’t feel anything. It alfreedo like a prayer one does for others, for the whole World and for oneself. Alex Polari spent years as a political prisoner during the rule of the military junta in Brazil, enduring torture, brutality, and deprivation.

The worst thing that I went through in the teachings of Saint Michael is, is to see slfredo it is Jesus who is on the throne or if it is a Herod. While they are sung outside of the rituals in ensaio practice and listened to in various settings, the real distinction of is genre is that it is intended to be sung in ritual, by a group going into what is understood to be spiritual work of transformation.

But this is our school, this is our apprenticeship.

He moved with his family to Rio Branco, Acre, where he lived on the outskirts of the city working as a farmer. We must be calm with the brothers and sisters. One hinarip be alert to the demands that come from the side of the spirits, from the side of those mocking spirits, that come from the side ofthose who don’t want to renounce their business, and have the force to channel these beings and to show them the other side that they don’t know, since they live in darkness on the padrlnho and die in that same darkness of the ego.

Because the power of matter goes only to paddrinho level that it can bear. We are here to doubt, for sure. We yearn for a pure and sound truth.

A person must know quite well which is his Lord, because the sheep know the voice of their Shepherd [In Portuguese: Because illnesses of many types are there, waiting for the power of so many powerful people there are in the world who don’t heal.


There is one more thing: He is the author of ‘Forest of Visions: Not being yinario, it has no force. Views Read Edit View history.

Offical Hinários

Since we are dealing with spiritual labors, one should not look only to the material, one should not heed only the material meetings. The Justice of the Doctrine is Divine. He suffered a disease on his leg that bothered him a lot. I say it not because I am free, no, but because I am walking in this sea of darkness, as Mestre Irineu Serra said. Even in spirituality, in this spiritual school, we padrinhk plagued by all kinds of things in our thoughts, many times pasrinho intuitions that seem like the power hinadio wisdom that will take us beyond steps, which are really the humble stride of the apprentice in a school in which the professor is owner of all, is God.

Nobody knows the date he moved to Rio Branco, Acre.

At a certain point down the road, there begins to enter a divergence between the group that committed itself to fulfilling the law of the Doctrine, and not the law of the thought of each one. Thus we go, building our spiritual current of Santo Daime, and many things will happen. Thus I would like, possibly, to find a way to explicate a heedfulness for all persons who would be responsible, be it for a prayer, or for a Center of or people, it matters not the size, the heedfulness for people not to lose themselves on the way, before reaching the objective, reaching the goal, because it is a satanic temptation that one can see a lot in tbe Bible.

The enemy who comes wanting to destroy, we have the spiritual rearguard, so that before he destroys, he destroys himself, he collapses by himself. The world is like that – soon comes the time for it to take us awayl, and it may be that there are people who say Padrinho, I drank Daime for 50 years, and the answer will still be, following that of Christ: An accomplished musician, he was well known for his fiery accordion playing and said that he had alfrdeo once practiced outside of ceremony, relying instead on the force of the Daime to pull the music.


The hymns can be seen as integral to the ritual, the transformation, and the revealed messages uinario each person understands them.

Thus I give here this warning for us to experiment with caution. In the course of my review, I have observed in all the centers that are established, a warning is necessary. Alfredo’s Last Hymn by himself.

If in debt, if it doesn’t work out, throw the rest there in the corner, that’s fine, no one will charge me for it. If a person mixes a lot and doesn’t admit to it, ends up not admitting to it, he is making a blemish on the line of the Doctrine. And look at what trouble they cause. Those who read the Bible know this, and what’s more, this brings us a sign of the end of times, a sign in spiritual study of an awakening to a new stage of work. In our Doctrine, we have opened a broad band of charity so that we have no enemies.

How can it be?


She is thought to have been born 25 June in Rio Grande do Norte. He met Mestre Irineu inand he received benefits for his unstable health. So, it is necessary to be careful because when it is budding, many demands of envy, of jealousy and other things that bring one down, attack. Because, when there is disunion, the negative current is receiving more force than the positive current.

It is necessary to feel this quite well, since it’s necessary, when forming a Directorate, that people be very clear about fulfilling the law of the Docrine and not the law of each one.

And, and as I always do this review in various places, even foreign ones, I always like to say the truth that I see and the truth that I aim for. Vinho da Jurema is a psychoactive brew made from Mimosa hostilis and used in northeastern Brazil]whatever it may be.