and Suriel Mofu · A grammar of Kharia, a South Munda language, by John Peterson · From Elvish to Klingon: Exploring invented languages, edited by Michael. Apart from languages derived from science fiction and fantasy worlds, From Elvish to Klingon includes investigative accounts of international auxiliary languages. From Elvish to Klingon has ratings and 24 reviews. Nikki said: This book is along the same lines as Arika Okrent’s In the Land of Invented Languages.

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The analyses of bits of Joyce were sometimes interesting but often seemed to get somewhat unmoored from the text.

Oct 19, Klinbon rated it really liked it. A more thorough justification for inclusion would nevertheless be required, preferably one emphasizing the rhetorical nature of the technique. Enterpriseis a linguist.

Volume 2 Issue 2 Janpp. From Elvish to Klingon includes some good contributions and stimulating insights all around.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. James Joyce, Samuel Beckett, Paul Muldoon by Stephen Watt This chapter looks at literary inventions of another kind, nonsense and semi-nonsense languages, including those used in the works of James Joyce and Samuel Beckett. There is, then, a little something for everyone, but I suspect each person encountering this book would have liked a book-length treatment of their own nugget.

The title is perhaps misleading as this has greater academic weight and thoroughness than might be expected; although at times this depth wanted klinfon some graphical representation of complex ideas to allow the discussion to unpick what was interesting free rrom exhaustive an exhausting lists of features e.

Non-Fiction Reviews

It is nevertheless disturbing that Postmodernism has become such a defining ideology within the liberal arts—and possibly that research has become so bibliocentric—that a linguistic study might compare real and fictional peoples in earnest. Select your currency from the list and click Donate. Perrine rated it it was amazing Sep 16, This book is an interesting series of essays on the nature of invented languages and the social and cultural implications of such inventions; it includes chapters on Esperanto, Tolkien’s Elvish, the Nadsat of A Clockwork OrangeKlingon, and the inventions of kligon Irish and Scottish writers like James Fron.


Return to Book Page. If you would like to authenticate using a different subscribed institution that supports Shibboleth authentication or have your own login and password to Project MUSE, click ‘Authenticate’. Exploring Invented Languages, a elvis of leadi From the Elvish language Tolkien invented for denizens of Middle Earth to the science fiction lingo spoken by the Klingons in Star Trek, writers have always endeavored to create new forms of expression, not only in the English language, but in languages that exist only in their own imaginations.

Suspect I’m elvihs going to get through the remaining appendices anytime soon.

frok I absolutely love the subject material. Tries to examine the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis in this context but doesn’t really make anything of it. For the most part, the chapter focuses on the industry of revitalization —that is, the stimulation, promotion, and often purification of tongues and dialects that never ceased to be spoken from historical times in some form—and touches upon revival only in the case of Cornish, whose last native speaker is believed to have died in the late-eighteenth century.

World Wide Words: From Elvish to Klingon

Sidenote, I’m thrilled D’ni found a mention. The potential for splittist factions who compete to gain ownership of a language is always present; Cornish has several, which led in eovish the county offices in Camborne trying to accommodate all parties by using four different spellings of the Cornish word for welcome in different places within the building.

Chapter 5 details the phenomenon of the Star Trek language Klingon, written by its inventor, linguist Mark Okrand, with sociolinguists Judith Hendriks-Hermans and Sjaak Kroon, and the editor Michael Adams, who himself is primarily a specialist in the history of the English language at Indiana University. As someone who has dabbled with music notation reforms, the practical information about what happens to a language once it’s been invented was interesting as well.

From Elvish to Klingon: Exploring invented languages, edited by Michael Adams : Linguistic Typology

Volume 3 Issue 3 Janpp. Written by experts in their fields, chapters cover such topics as International Auxiliary Languages, Invented Vocabularies, Literary “Nonsense,” and Language Reconstruction and Renewal.

Vocabulary reduction in Nineteen Eighty-fourwhich is about reducing the range of thought, is considered in the light of the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis of linguistic relativity, which works well A mixed bag of essays on invented languages.


Gaming Languages and Language Games by James Portnow Kligon and games are both fundamentally interactive, based on the adoption of arbitrary sign systems, and come with a set of formal rules which can be manipulated fro express different outcomes. My library Help Advanced Book Search. Fascinating and surprisingly detailed tour through a range of invented languages from Esperanto to Newspeak.

Oct 21, Bab rated it really liked it. Was there really no way to bring all these topics under one, organized structure? Volume 8 Issue 3 Octpp. Lastly, and stretching the definition in another direction, the eminent Oxford University sociolinguist Suzanne Romaine considers revitalised ot as invented languages, including in different ways Modern Hebrew, British Cornish, Elvieh, Hawaiian, Welsh, Maori and Galician.

Most philosophers, I suspect, would say that a language is a set of lexical items and syntactic rules interpreting syntax very broadly here to include all formal structures such as phonology, morphology, etc. Volume 5 Issue Decpp. And this seems to be the implicit understanding in this book of what a language is, since the inventors in question seem generally to invent vocabularies and syntactic principles. Feb 07, Richard Jacobs rated it it was ok.

Again, however, there is too much to cover and too many possible ways to cover it; the authors appear to have been simply overwhelmed. Hardcoverpages. It is a wide-sweeping survey, divided into sixteen sections ranging among literary and technical phonetic, grammatical, etc. The worlds simplest fron are creole grammars Commentary Mundari: Adams’s introduction is entitled “The Spectrum of Invention,” and proposes the metaphor of a spectrum to elcish the relationships among linguistic inventions.

Volume 16 Issue 3 Augpp. Trying to build the consensus essential for widespread take-up of a language in such circumstances is very difficult. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Some of ffrom essays are more informative than others, but together the book forms tl excellent compendium on a range of topics on constructed languages.