Are Our Moral Responsibility Practices Justified? Wittgenstein, Strawson and Justification in ‘Freedom and Resentment’ (, British Journal for the History of . Strawson made a contribution to the free will versus determinism discussions by pointing out that whatever the deep metaphysical . Freedom and Resentment. compatibilist account of moral responsibility, the themes covered in “Freedom and. Resentment” extend beyond the free will debate. Strawson.

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Strawson always joked that frsedom would turn to moral philosophy only when his powers were waning. However, a noteworthy new trend amongst both contemporary hard determinists and others who conclude that the conditions for the applicability of our folk concept cannot be jointly satisfied has been the move to offer a revisionist conception of moral responsibility or something analogous to moral responsibility and its associated practices rather than to freedmo talk about being responsible outright.

Peter Strawson Freedom and Resentment Research Papers –

I shall describe that later when looking at Strawson’s contribution to epistemology. However, most understood the inner attitudes and emotions involved resrntment rest on a more fundamental theoretical judgment about the agent’s being responsible.

These are examples of other-directed ascriptions of responsibility. In it Strawson attempt to explain the nature, and the scope and limits, of formal logic. If some particular outcome is fated, then it seems that the agent concerned could not be morally responsible for that outcome.

Peter Frederick Strawson

Ekstrom, Laura Waddell, For further discussion of issues associated with moral straswon, see the related entries below. To this I shall reply, first, that Strawson notes the issue about uniqueness but attends most to the assertion of existence problem.


Strawson’s response is to freddom that once this view is developed genuine self reference emerges as involved in the theory’s explanation of the illusion of ownership of experiences. Justin, Kvaran, Trevor, He outlines three problems.

This research aims to stress the concept of the Chilean transition to light two axes. Echoing the name for his conception of ontology, one might call that a conception of relaxed analysis. Strawson in fact repeatedly wrote about the nature of philosophy, and the views in this book are his final conclusions.

His first post after the war was at Bangor, in Wales, but, after winning the prestigious John Locke Prize in Oxford a prize awarded on the basis strrawson a written examination to philosophy graduates in Oxford he received an appointment at University College Oxford, which made him a Fellow in First, is it clear that all predicates express principles of classification the grasp of which involves no empirical knowledge? Medicalization is a social process in which non-medical problems are reconceived as medical problems.

The book marks, also, a further development in Strawson’s engagement with epistemological scepticism. One conception that he opposed is that of Quine. In other words, an agent is responsible if a fault or credit is properly attributable to her.

Peter F. Strawson, Freedom and resentment – PhilPapers

There is stock argument against libertarianism: His attitude to truth, and his slogan that ordinary language has no precise logic, implied that centring fesentment analysis of meaning on truth conditions and a search for logical forms in natural language expressible in the predicate calculus was not correct.


Strawson’s concept of moral responsibility yields a compatibilist account of being responsible but one that departs significantly from earlier such accounts in two respects. StrawsonNew Dehli: Strawson himself was optimistic that compatibilism could reconcile determinism with moral obligation and responsibility. Any account true to Kant must at least credit his view with acceptance of the thesis that real objects, things in themselves, are unknowable and beyond our experience.

Ultimately I fix on him via his place in fgeedom spatio-temporal framework which is centred on my currently perceived environment. He argues, displaying considerable ingenuity in suggesting different interpretations of Leibniz, that Leibniz does not escape the problems.

Peter Strawson Freedom and Resentment

Remembering this, we can consider at least what possibilities lie formally open; and then perhaps we shall see that the question can be answered without knowing exactly what the thesis of determinism is. Whereas judgments are true or false and thereby can generate the need for justification, the desire for good will and those attitudes generated by it possess no truth value themselves, thereby eliminating any need for an external justification Magill University of Washington Press.

Renew freedo membership Member directory. Or is it only an appearance that we receive appearances? On one interpretation The Bounds of Sense represents a general and continuous essay in epistemology.

Strawson’s version attracted considerable attention.