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While identifying and quantifying the types of losses fall outside the scope of this project, it is important to note that these losses do occur and will be present in this experiment.

This would skew the results. This allowed a failure assessment to be performed in relation to the solder joints. Kimball, Member Patrick L.

Although there are a total of 31 failure mechanisms the CalcePWA software is capable of screening for, only six of them were applicable for the components on these assemblies.

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Like the control board, the two outer layers of the power board layers 1 and 9 were modeled as a 0. One method to obtain reliability results in significantly less testing time could be through the use of prognostic measurements. This was performed by eliminating the airflow restraints imposed by the motor drive casing and disabling the fan for certain measurements. The ramp up and ramp down times will take approximately 45 seconds.

fr9014 datasheet

The Space Above Top Surface was taken to be the space between the top surface of the control board and the motor drive case while the Space Below Bottom Surface was taken to be the space between the bottom surface of the control board and the connector As such, a smaller bond area of the foot yields lower reliability predictions.

They consist of silicon dies, direct bond copper substrates, a copper heatspreader, aluminum wires to electrically connect the dies, solder and die attach [20].

The thermal profiles generated in this step will be termed power board load and connector board load and will be used in the reliability assessment. They particularly provide protection against moisture, dirt, chemicals, organic solvents and other forms of contamination [30].

Therefore a load profile was created to be representative of this test and will depict only the stresses that occur during power cycling.


Table 10 Steps to generate thermal profile of power and connector boards 1 Remove case and setup power and connector boards to run outside motor drive using various cables to attach control board. The motor in this setup has a full-load amperage F.

Component List [F] page 41 :: Oxygen Electronics, LLC

In order to validate the power cycling reliability simulation, accelerated power cycling was conducted of the motor drive. These images show that the actual surface temperature range for the DSP lies between Technologies do exist that provide a means for accurate emissivity measurements. Figure dataasheet IR image: This board operates under significantly less power than the rest of the board, but contains the largest number of components making it the most complex subsystem within the drive.

This may also serve as the basis for prognostic measurement techniques in future iterations of this datsaheet Future Work This subsection describes tasks that may be implemented in future iterations of this assessment method.

While this process only needed to be conducted once for the control board, due to dataeheet fact that the idle and full load conditions produced the same thermal profile, this same process was conducted for all components on the power and connector boards both at the idle and full load conditions.

Figure 1 depicts the basic elements of a power electronic system, wherein the power electronic circuit may contain subsystems other than the semiconductor switching module such as magnetic fr99014, capacitors and inductors [3].

Figure 58 IR image: The ranges of power, speed and torque of AC induction motors vary heavily depending upon the load and application. A number of performance-based metrics were used to determine whether or not the changes in system dynamics yielded a system-level failure.

Electronic component Electronic component: While the fundamental components and subsystems of VFDs are seen across all power ranges, the rest of this section will investigate the power converter and ancillary subsystems within a three-phase 2. IR power board idle front upper right Figure Appendix: While a number of techniques have been employed to accurately determine surface emissivity [54] this has been a widespread issue with IR thermography.

However, the load often times operates under different power levels or frequencies, thus precise control and conversion of the incoming power is imperative to meet specific application requirements [1]. This simulates a no-load condition and a full-load condition respectively.


fr datasheet & applicatoin notes – Datasheet Archive

The data plots collected so far will not be included in this report primarily because they do not indicate any significant findingsbut can be attained through contacting the author of this report. Other methods, such as purchasing extra parts from the manufacturer, were investigated but it was determined that manufacturing a custom bracket would be the most cost-effective and efficient method.

Furthermore, only two thermocouples were used because it was predicted that the temperature change due to component power dissipation would be small relative to the ambient temperature. Many of the larger components prevented smaller components from being seen at the same angle. Figure 12 Components of a typical power switching module [20] Under thermal cycling, significant thermomechanical stress is induced in each component due to the CTE mismatch of adjacent parts.

Located just underneath the top casing of the motor drive, this assembly houses the brains of the power electronics system. The bottom row indicates that regardless of the current, frequency and fluctuations in room temperature there is little difference between the ambient temperature and the temperature surrounding the control board.

Temperature measurements were also taken while the drive was idle, i. The following are the failure mechanisms in which the CalcePWA software tested for: For example, in a photovoltaic energy generation system, the cost of inverter related failure is equal to the cost of replacing and repairing parts plus the cost of the wasted energy that would be generated during the system down time [5][6].

Figure 5 Ports for connecting motor, AC power source, control cables and braking resistor Referred to as local control as opposed to remote control which involves the external devices and fieldbus adapters the control panel provides a means for the user to operate the drive. Furthermore, it was predicted that the first components to fail are SMD resistors and capacitors. The model developed in CalcePWA served as an example to show that a complex assembly containing over a hundred components could be simplified for the purpose of performing a first-order interconnect reliability assessment.

These can be found in Table Perform infrared thermography of control board while idle.