The Piano Teacher. Elfriede Jelinek, Author George Weidenfeld & Nicholson $0 ( p) ISBN Instead, she teaches piano at the Vienna Conservatory. She still. In Michael Haneke’s adaptation of Elfriede Jelinek’s novel, the role of the piano teacher is played, with a chilling impenetrability, by. Elfriede Jelinek’s novel The Piano Teacher was a sensation from the day it was published some 18 years ago. Now Austrian director Michael Haneke adapted.

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Erika knows that tone from her mother. Much of the criticism has been directed at the mother-daughter relationship; less attention has been paid to the aspect of music in the novel. So elfriee it a wonder then, that anything as ‘filthy’ and rebellious and natural as sexual urges, builds up and up and roils around inside blindly not knowing where to go? It is in no way an easy read. How wrong I was. I don’t think so.

No one said you weren’t going to participate. Erika distrusts young girls; she tries to gauge their clothing and physical dimensions, hoping to ridicule them.

The Piano Teacher – Elfriede Jelinek

I can understand that, but you have to admire her skill and passion. View all 8 comments. Die Frage ist ob das oder etwas anderes “das Beste” von ihr ist. There is not the smallest role jeliek the story for any halfway decent person.

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Erika Kohut hurries through the streets after him. Oggi ho sbirciato Wilkipedia: La critica a Vienna mi fa ricordare Bernhard Of all the foul and sadistic events in this book, a small, animalistic scene between mother and daughter in bed haunted me the most. And things that were once elfriece immortal have become mortal again, no one knows them anymore.

There’s also a strange naivety to it, particularly in the childish exclamation marks that often come after such unremarkable observations as: Mar 06, a Lena rated it it was amazing Shelves: Kelinek also, what Walter needed Erika to do, was to react to him in a reciprocal way, and I don’t think we should condemn him for feeling repulsed by Erika’s demands beyond that we might condemn him for being judgmental, because in Erika’s scenario, as he voices the result himself: It was both at the same time.

And Lazarus is nowhere in sight.

The Piano Teacher by Elfriede Jelinek

This book was, to borrow someone else’s phrasing, punishingly unendurable. I rarely think of Elfriede Jelinek anymore. The parallels between them are manifold. As it is, I think I’m inclined to give it something in between.


The Piano Teacher

You are commenting using your WordPress. Here, on the keyboard, on the trail of notes, Erika is in her element, and the conductor conducts…. E’ qualcosa di troppo forte per essere solo frutto dell’immaginazione. Peep teafher and pornography become a fascination, a means of being in the vicinity of this activity of which she tje little. People sigh, oh, the mystic devotion of motherhood!

Having failed in her career, she now teaches at the Vienna Conservatory. She gets under my skin the moment I start reading. It can be a motionless boat.

Vienna, the city of music! Books by Elfriede Jelinek. It seems, despite all that she has given teache in the form of monetary stimulation and business schedule counseling and a dash of ‘Iloveyous’ when a debt needs to be filled, it has not yet been housebroken.

She may deserve a Nobel Prize in Literature for that.