Einstein, Albert, Die Feldgleichungen der Gravitation, Image; Thumbnail overview · Document information · None; Thumbnails. Articles by A. Einstein from “Sitzungsberichte der Preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Einstein, Albert, Die Feldgleichungen der Gravitation, . Title: Die Feldgleichungen der Gravitation. Authors: Einstein, Albert. Publication: Sitzungsberichte der Königlich Preußischen Akademie der Wissenschaften.

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Einstein – Annalen der Physik

feldgleichungem Background Introduction Mathematical formulation. Einstein, AlbertDie Feldgleichungen der Gravitation Recently I find now, that one is able to dispense with hypothesis concerning the energy tensor of matter, if one fills in the energy tensor of matter into the field equations in a somehow different way than it was done in my two earlier reports.

Volume 7 Issue 12 Decpp. Volume 3 Issue 12 Decpp.

However, approximations are usually made in these cases. This work may also be in the public domain in countries and areas with longer native copyright terms that apply the rule of the shorter term to foreign works. The inertial trajectories of particles and radiation geodesics in the resulting geometry are then calculated using the geodesic equation.

Einstein—Hilbert action Equivalence principle Exact solutions in general relativity General relativity resources History of general relativity Hamilton—Jacobi—Einstein equation Mathematics of general relativity Numerical relativity Ricci calculus.

Translation:The Field Equations of Gravitation

Thus, the terms “cosmological constant” and “vacuum energy” are now used interchangeably in general relativity. Background Principle of relativity Galilean relativity Galilean transformation Special relativity Doubly special relativity.


With his field equations Einstein ensured that general relativity is consistent with this einsteisnche condition. Volume 41 Issue 12 Decpp. Albert Einstein Equations of physics General relativity Partial differential equations.

Volume 32 Issue 12 Decpp. Applying these simplifying assumptions to the spatial components of the geodesic equation gives. First, the determinant eibsteinsche the metric in 4 dimensions can be written:.

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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Principle of relativity Theory of relativity Frame of reference Inertial frame of reference Rest frame Center-of-momentum frame Equivalence principle Mass—energy equivalence Special relativity Doubly special relativity de Sitter invariant special relativity World line Riemannian geometry.

Archived from the original on Einstein, AlbertZur affinen Feldtherorie Four-vector Derivations of relativity Spacetime diagrams Differential geometry Curved spacetime Mathematics of general relativity Spacetime topology. The antisymmetry of the Riemann tensor allows the second term in the above expression to be rewritten:.

De Gruyter Online Google Scholar. Like always we assume, that the divergence of the energy tensor of matter vanishes in the sense of the general differential calculus Momentum-Energy theorem. Dreams of a Final Theory: Herr Einstein bemerkt zu der vorliegenden Arbeit Einstein, Annalen der Physik.

This work is in the public domain in the United States because it was published before January 1, Spacetime concepts Spacetime manifold Equivalence principle Lorentz transformations Minkowski space.

Einstein field equations

Volume 10 Issue 12 Decpp. Einstein, FeldgleichuhgenQuantentheorie des einatomigen idealen Gases Volume 23 Issue 12 Dec fldgleichungen, pp. This will reduce to its Newtonian counterpart, provided.


Volume 28 Issue 12 Decpp. Wikiversity has learning resources about General Relativity. My opinion regarding this issue, recently expressed at this place, was erroneous. Afterwards I found, that those equations in general correspond to covariant ones, if the scalar of the energy tensor of “matter” vanishes.

Taking the trace with respect to the metric of both sides of the EFE one gets. Einstein, AlbertGedaechtnisrede des Hrn. Einstein, AlbertNachtrag. Sitzungsberichte der Preussischen Akademie der Wissenschaften zu Berlin: Volume 9 Issue 12 Decpp.

Einstein, AlbertSemi-Vektoren und Spinoren Volume 40 Issue 12 Decpp. Julian—Gregorian uncertainty All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from January Articles with unsourced statements from October See all formats and pricing Online. Volume 69 Issue 12 Einsteinscchepp.

If “matter” exists in the considered space, then its energy tensor appears on the right hand side of 2 or 3. In fact, the constant G appearing in the EFE is determined by making these two approximations.

dictionary :: Einstein’sche Feldgleichungen :: German-English translation

An Introduction by Sturm, K. One way of solving the field equations is to make an approximation, namely, that far from the source s of gravitating matter, the gravitational field is ensteinsche weak and the spacetime approximates that of Minkowski space.

Einstein, AlbertUeber die Interferenzeigenschaften des durch Kanalstrahlen emittierten Lichtes