The Ehcache documentation focuses on XML declarative configuration. Programmatic Memory-Based Cache Sizing (Ehcache and higher). Initially . Ehcache and higher does not allow multiple CacheManagers with the same See the Ehcache API documentation for more information on these methods. Documentation Ehcache is an open source, standards-based cache that boosts performance, This version of Ehcache increases on-heap performance.

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The API is intentionally minimal to allow several implementation to be plugged in. This enables multiple CacheManagers to be created and used concurrently.

Note that some elements documented by the Ehcache XML schema pertain only to BigMemory and are not valid for the open-source version of Ehcache. By default, Play will try to create these caches for you.

If so, download Ehcache. It is also used to get non-identifying feedback on the operating system architectures using Ehcache. There is also a convenient ehcacje to retrieve from cache or set the ehcahce in cache if it was missing:.

In this example, each user has a different cached result. Ehcache configuration files must comply with the Ehcache XML schema, ehcache. Therefore, in your implementation of CopyStrategy.

The Ehcache documentation focuses on XML declarative configuration. If that is the case, you can throw an UnsupportedOperationException in the removeAll method.

For example, the following is the JGroups bootstrap cache loader:. Caching data is a typical optimization in modern applications, and so Play provides a global cache.

Programmatic configuration is explored in certain examples and is documented in Javadocs. If you are using compile-time DI, mix EhCacheComponents into your components cake to get access to the defaultCacheApi and the cacheApi method for getting a cache by name. This will also automatically set up the bindings for runtime DI so the components are injectable.


Note that some elements documented in the sample Ehcache XML file pertain only to BigMemory and are not valid for the open-source version of Ehcache. When a cache starts up, the stores are always empty. Cache elements are stored in the MemoryStore. Ehcache is redistributed by many projects, some of which might not provide an up-to-date sample Ehcache XML configuration file.

While a defaultCache configuration is not required, an error is generated if caches are created by name programmatically with no defaultCache loaded. Caches consume memory, and disk space. The update checker is used to see if you have the latest version of Ehcache. By default, all Ehcache operations are blocking, and async implementations will block threads in the default execution context.

Cache Configuration

The maximum number of seconds an element can exist in the cache regardless of use. Also a large number of Java classes are simply not Serializable. This is provided for ease of migration. However, since Ehcache 2. The outer ehcache element takes an updateCheck attribute, which is set to false as in the following example. BigMemory introduced the OffHeap store, where sizing of caches is also allowed. The two types will coexist peacefully. For examples, see Code Samples. In the current version of Ehcache, this includes the following:.

For such a case you can configure a different Documentatikn dispatcher and set it via play. If the named or default unnamed CacheManager does not exist, the CacheManager. Pinning of caches or specific elements is discussed in Pinning, Expiration, socumentation Eviction. Documentatiin example shows how to dynamically modify the cache configuration of a running cache:. If disabled, no elements can be added to a cache puts are silently discarded.


Grails Plugin: Ehcache Cache Plugin

If the default configuration is used, Ehcache will emit a warning to remind the user to set up a proper configuration. Dofumentation methods provided by these classes are largely responsible for providing programmatic access to working with Ehcache. The expectation is that removing all items from the cache should only be needed as an admin operation in special cases, not part of the normal operation of your app.

Now to documentattion these different caches, when you inject them, use ehcafhe NamedCache qualifier on your dependency, for example:. Ehcache will attempt to resolve conflicts and will emit a warning reminding the user to configure a separate configuration for multiple CacheManagers with conflicting settings. A cache has a name and attributes. After a Cache has been started, its configuration is not generally changeable. Each cache contains Elements.

Per cache, a single instance of your CopyStrategy is used. Non-serializable Objects can use all parts of Ehcache except for DiskStore and replication. To disable the check, do one of the following:. To get the full Ehcache implementation, add ehcache to your dependencies list:.