tolak RUU ORMAS! tidak menjawab persoalan kita bersama. bukti bahwa negara gagal CABUT UU N0 8/ TTG ORMAS. Mar 09, , the Hungarian Rectors’ Conference was presented a draft decree from the Ministry of . LAPORAN SINGKAT PANJA RUU PILKADA KOMISI II DPR RI LAPORAN Share. Draft RUU Ormas Terbaru 5 Des pdf – Elsam · .id. ‘RUU Ormas Disahkan Lewat Voting’ (The Civil Society Bill is officially (Cancel the Civil Society Draft Bill), , 10 June

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We will advertise this petition to people. In Februarythe discourse about the Law and the Revision Bill focused on the violent actions taken against members of Ahmadiyah, a minority Muslim sect, in Pandeglang West Javaand also against Christian churches in Temanggung Central Java.


The Ministry of Law could run a program to help CSOs in the regions comply with the laws governing foundations and associations. The foundation is clearly defined by the Law on Foundations as a non-membership organization, while the societal organization is defined as a membership-based organization. The discussion of the Bill on Associations will surely overlap with the discussion of the Bill on Societal Organization since both Bills relate to membership-based organizations. Registration of a Foundation, where input from relevant government institution is needed: Each of these topics was intensely debated.

The approach of the MoHA, and especially the Directorate General of National Unity and Politics, is always grounded in the perspective of politics and security. There is a need to raise awareness of the Bill and its implications throughout the CSO sector in Indonesia.

In Parliament, the Islamic political faction, known as Fraksi Persatuan Pembangunandefended the interests of these Islamic organizations during discussions on the Bill. Instead, the Elucidation of Article 1 was revised to state that 212 organization or association, which is established voluntarily by Indonesian citizens, is included in the definition of a societal organization.


Announcements – PETISI TOLAK RUU ORMAS | Petitionscom

Nonetheless, more efforts are needed to preserve and improve the legal environment in protecting the freedom of association. The fact that associations are still regulated under a colonial-era law has a practical impact on civil society in Indonesia. It would be politically difficult for the Special Committee to shift the focus from one Bill to another, because it would mean a shift in liaising with a different ministry.

Mecsek hills are in danger: This section provides two phases of strategic recommendations: The laws in many countries provide for a special ruh for CSOs — a public benefit or charitable status, for example — but with this status come fiscal privileges, usually in the form of tax exemptions. drart

drqft Please help as give our voice towards the relevant institutions. The draft Bill only states that the principle s of a societal organization must not conflict with Pancasila and the Constitution.

Since Februarydiscussions about societal organizations have related to violent actions against members of Ahmadiyah, a minority Muslim sect in Pandeglang West Java and also against Christian churches in Temanggung Central Ruuu. Since independence was gained inmany of the outdated Dutch laws have been replaced.

If there is no response from the organization within one month, the government must summon the administrator. The short-term recommendations are based on that schedule, seeking to make input into the parliamentary process. The definition embraces all types of organizations, whether with or without legal entity status, including foundations and associations. The approach should be to facilitate and improve the quality of the ornas environment, not to limit and repress civil society.

The Special Committee was planning to finalize the Bill by Maybut did not manage to do so. Guest 6 Mar 09, If the administrator does not appear, or if the societal organization 20012 its illegal activities, the government can suspend the organization, after receiving consideration and advice from the Supreme Court for national-level organizations or other relevant institution appointed by the Ministry of Home Affairs for organizations at the provincial or city level.


Approval from the Minister, giving the legal entity status to the Foundation. The draft bill creates three categories for Foreign Societal Organizations: Masyarakat menduga kehadiran RUU Ormas menjadi wujud guu negara dalam merespon situasi tersebut. As a result, there is now clear protection for the freedom eraft association article 28 and freedom of expression article 28E.


Our petitions are mentioned in the media every day, so creating a petition is ormsa great way to get noticed by the public and the decision makers. Government arguments supporting increased regulation of CSOs in Indonesia relate to accountability and transparency, especially concerning foreign funding. Pancasila also will not and could not replace religion.

The government may also suspend the activity of a or,as organization after issuing three warnings occurring within a maximum period of 60 dayswhere the organization receives from or provides to a foreign party any kind of support which is against the law; conducts fundraising for the interest of a political party or campaign for a political position; or receives support money, goods, or services from any kind of party without a clear identity. More recently, the government has relied on Law No.

Abdul Maliq Harmain, mentioned the date of July 12,as the new time frame for discussion of the Bill in the Plenary Session.