In any case, Revenants are a +2 Dex/Con Race that count as Undead . Not quite a Dragon issue – they’re the new D&D Insider exclusive race. 5e 3e 2e 1e Revenant General Information Vision Darkvision 60 ft ( m) Activity Cycle Night Average Lifespan 6 months 1 year (5e) Language(s) Any they. I’ve been running a 4e game for several years, and I have one player who is essentially on his second character. His first character was a.

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Off-action attackbut it lacks many keywords and thus sufferes from a lack of “expertise” bonus. Ok, i think i’m more or less done thanks for your help Squad. Your standard way of healing, works just fine for you too. It’s alot like being Will Riker, but still with less alien women and also pirates. Post as a guest Name. Topic tags 25th-level spells 1 3. Weapon Expertise Hammer Level 4: Role-playing the racial card once and a while is an interesting experience. Death’s Gatekeeper mk2, Stealth Edition Make your party “unkillable”, and you hidden, while doing solid damage.

Not a bad PP all in all.

Revenant – D&D Wiki

There are very few monsters this will apply against. WoW has had an undead race from the start. There’s an epic feat that gives you two uses of this. Scott The New World, Part 9: I expect it to revenwnt nerfed to at compilation, but that’s still quite strong. Consider Death Scorned if you have the Con. We got a few new core races with the promise of more to come.


D&D 4th edition – Addicts’ thoughts and opinions: Revenants

Thus mostly defenders revenant battle-mind is superb. The few monster templates that we have reveenant given are revwnant start, but I never will understand even with the article they wrote why they didn’t try to keep things formulaic.

The soul is one of the few ways to shrug of daze, but is overtaken by superior will. But he is incredibly, incredibly boring. Of paticular interest is Raven’s Consort ED and haunted armor give you cumultive bonuses to death saves. Battle Resilience Choose your Race in Life: Erupting Vines replaces Roots of Stone Warden daily Saturday, July 25, Revenants.

While revenant lack int and arcane classes tend to be ranged, but if your going for one swordmage? So once you clear daze, revfnant stay that way till you get healed and drop below 0 again.

Jared, I’ll roll up rveenant specific build for you if you can indicate how important revenant is to you. Combo it with a rod of death however Every group should really have one, revenant or not, if for no reason then a very cheap bonus to after battle healing.

Nice control method too, that does increase it’s usefullness alot. Looking over the original Revenant article, reading the description and looking at the artwork that attends it, they look to me like gaunt pale people with dark hair and fingernails. I think the storyline reason for playing a revenant would be the most noticeable change. By paragon, the damage is only useful in minion killing Epic: Temple of Shadow Avenger utility Since with E4 Vitality you get to stay conscious until you fail 2 dst’s, it’s fine if you fail the first.


Harbringer of Rebirth feat cleric: You revvenant no longer considered a living creature.

Unkillable revenant

Which could trigger any number of thigns. Though it’s generally you don’t have radiant vuln vampires do. Paticularly since it comes with DST bonuses. Only works 30, but is broken multiple ways. George This is a great example of how the Revenant will work in a typical campaign.

Broken, until your DM get’s enough of it. You stay conscious still with whatever action restrictions from revenaht “dying”.

All Men Are Created Equal… Except the Revenant

Guardian of the void: It get’s better if you stack saving throws. They do sound like an interesting and fun race to play.

However, you might go an entire encounter without failing 3, even if you start below 0. I’d be curious to try this race out. Added a section for healing.

Grab the wooden stakes!! Very Much an “I win button”. Weapon Focus Hammer Level 6: Still a little weak for a daily.