This page contains information about the CSUN M (W) solar panel. To compare this to other PV modules, click here. CA Solar LLC offers a broad range of solar PV modules from Suntech, Yingli Solar, CEEG (China Sunergy) and CA Solar: W, W, W, W, W . offers 3 ceeg solar panels products. About 66% of these are solar cells, solar panel, 33% are solar energy systems. A wide variety of ceeg solar.

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Samule Yang who is the Australian Citizen was listed at the Shanghai stock market in the year of and have 4 manufacturing sites. They are not made in Germany. September 4, at 6: Our new cell Wde HiPerforma solar module is designed for residential customers who desire great aesthetics and high performance.

June 3, at I trust no one in the government including all our politicians and solar companies, even my sparky electrician whenever the government becomes involved someone always gets burnt, the batts literally. There in lies the rub…. I think even Finn will even like that. I suspect not- I do, 2. After all the tax payer is subsidizing your solar dream, so buy Aussie. April 21, at 1: A solar system does NOT have to go on a house roof.

June 11, at The problem being that with the fully automated assembly production. May 2, at 1: It looks good on paper when you buy that Tommy Hilfiger shirt but when you get it you find that is a different fabric and 3 sizes too small to which the supplier will reply bad luck its my shirt sizing and is not to western standards.


Blue sun are fairly new sklar the market and I would class them as Tier solr. January 17, at 9: Wolar longer and more closely the panels can remain aligned at degrees horizontally and vertically to the sun the better their performance will be. February 14, at 2: My apple Iphone4s was replaced 3 times,my TomTom GPS was replaced 4 times, My 42 inch Samsung 3D smart TV was sllar the day it was installed by a technician My computer 4 times in 18 250q and I wont bore you with the rest but same as this lot.

August 12, at 1: Legally the company that sold cweg the panels must honour the warranty. Hi Finn, in Jinko was the 4th largest manufacture in the world and Ship 2. There are many, many clever, if not brilliant, people who have trouble with spelling and grammar. Hanwha panels are Tier 1.

ceeg solar panels

May 5, at 7: Hey, Phase — are you using a voice recognition system to write your comments? This is something people do not see. April 23, at May 22, at 3: Many many good cheap panels exist. Is this a reasonable quote? But here are the ones that I think deserve to be Tier 1. Top of the world to you…. May 24, at 9: Spent the bulk of their working-life savings to buy a modest house mortgage-free, and were talked into having a 3.

I get emails all the time from them asking for money, donations and more large amounts of money for courses that should silar cost as much as they ask for.


Man I started a search on these people, just to check your story out. BYD are Tier 1 panels — but fairly uncommon in Australia. May 5, at What do you think as a ROI?

February 11, at 6: No — I never got a reply. That said and if you reply I am not or will not answer to any queries from now on about spelling or grammar, if its not about solar panels I am not interested.

If your Chinese solar panels are not on one of these lists, be careful

December 22, at 5: April 17, at Now about creg months later, one pznels the warranty replacement panels failed. Rated Current Imp A. North facing is skewed to Winter generation when there is little load… At the end of the day if a customer is getting the result we indicate and their ROI is less that 7 years they are happy. We submitted our name as ReneSola Zhejiang, however during the application process the following name was entered onto the list. Where do you think they get the silicon ingots for the solar panels?

I explain why here: Our customers take one look at your list from four years ago!!