Another method of studying Price and Volume by Bill Williams Profitunity The Bill Williams Profitunity provides a unique way of quantifying. Is Profitunity the real deal? Has Bill Williams or Justine Williams ever traded? Read our review of the Profitunity home study course to discover. Bill M. Williams, PhD, CTA is the founder and visionary of the Profitunity Trading Group, which he established in Bill Williams is considered to be the.

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Profitunity has several home study products: The reality is that unlike years past, most all of the information one needs to learn to trade can be found on the internet and is free. The Bill Williams Profitunity can be used on any period from daily bars to monthly bars. That your computers are The market has simply reached a point where nobody is willing to establish any new positions.

Bill Williams (trader)

Martin July 14, So if you do not mind a question:. Second Edition, which have contributed to furthering his unique trading concepts.

Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. The bottom line is that fractals may have value if used properly.

Nicolas Please open a new topic on forums for coding requests, I’ll help you there. There can be nice people one meets, may even be friendly with, and they still try to sell you a rotting bridge. In addition, the price action is directional—that is, the market is moving in one direction due to the involvement of new traders putting on new positions.

Owner of company has never been able to make a dime trading with his product, “Chaos Theory. I may again trade as my husband does, but there is no financial need. Thanks again for your input. Jesus on the butt of a dog.


This bar shows an increase in volume and the MFI relative williama the previous bar. You are an idiot. Steven Bahia Hi Nicolas – great indicator – is there a way to place a alert when the Oscillator crosses I found this site by chance.

In addition to writing several books related to Chaos Theory and financial markets, Bill is also a bit of a social activist. Yes and much better return on invesment than following any of these Trading Rooms.

I have tested myself a lot of trading methods using my own software and most of them had periods of profitability but in the long term years almost every one was no better than random trading. Been there, done that…. Are they willing to risk their own capital, can they demonstrate that the tools are being used to generate trading profits?

Bill Williams (trader) – Wikipedia

And their money management had smaller winners and bigger losers. Another method of studying Price and Volume by Bill Williams Profitunity The Bill Williams Profitunity provides a unique way of quantifying price movement relative to volume.

If a trading educator is offering an indicator, books, profitunitty study courses, or trading systems…I want to see a track record. He has over 52 years of experience as a stock and commodities trader and over 25 years of teaching experience as a trading educator.

Thanks, I have tried altering and adding my amended code many times but without getting the indicator to work. This bar shows a decrease in volume but an increase in the MFI. Accelerator Oscillator acceleration bill williams reversal trend trend peofitunity.

Fractals are nothing new to trading and that is why I thought this course may be onto something. Not sure how it scales to larger starting amounts.

Bill Williams Profitunity

Lyny Nicolas, how can i put this code in ProOder when for example i want to buy 1 share with con Hypothetical performance results have many inherent limitations, some of which are described below.


The training was for daily charts only. With that being said 15 years ago I traded the the Profitunity method. Tolga April 11, I wondered if you had found any time to write a The Bill Williams Profitunity provides a unique way of quantifying price movement relative to volume. Summary Profitunity is selling Chaos Theory.

Available for download now. He has educated thousands of traders in over 60 countries on every continent, as well as thousands of other traders who have read his three best-selling books, Trading Chaos, New Trading Dimensions, and Trading Chaos: There is one thing I have learned in the past couple years of writing reviews about trading educators…there are some really whacky theories out there.

I happened to view and noticed the same thing. Bill has published several books regarding the application of Chaos Theory towards financial markets. Hence, there is price movement, and the MFI is larger for this bar than that for the previous bar.

I hope I got it right though but you have not said of the code I posted is good? Osikani July 5, I am just not so sure that understanding myself is as important to understanding basic economics and whether a company is operating profitably or at a loss. However, Christian Scientists are also very nice people, and they williasm not in the business of hurting people. Thus, the trader will be relieved from issues of false fractal breakdowns and setting pending orders on fractals which are located below above wi,liams red line.

The trader should click on this timeframe with trading signal and press “Apply” button.