ANSI/ASME BM, Design of Transmission Shafting by faguirre_ in Types > School Work. Dear Friends: would you mind sharing ASME BM – ? thank you in advance. Code for Design of Transmission Shafting () [see BM below] Fuel Gas Piping (February ) was replaced by ANSI/NFPA Z

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Designers must refer to the specific rating or enclosed drive standards for this aspect of drive design. Originally posted by designer Alas I’ve never written a book, or got strings of letters after my name and it’s too late now In the process several improvements and simplifications were included.

It is intended for use by experienced gear designers capable of selecting reasonable values based on their knowledge of the performance of similar designs and the effect of such items as lubrication, deflection, manufacturing tolerances, metallurgy, residual stresses, and system dynamics.

The information provided in order to email this topic will not be used to send unsolicited email, nor will n106.1m be furnished to third parties. I also need to design a suitable bearing pedestal the shaft has two deep groove ball bearings on it that is to be made by sand ahsi. This email ability is provided as a courtesy, and by using it you agree that you are requesting the material solely for personal, non-commercial use, and that it is subject to the American Ansl of Mechanical Qnsi Terms of Use.

This site uses cookies. Show 40 post s from this thread on one page Page 3 of 4 First 1 2 3 4 Last Jump to page: Quantity must be a b1066.1m whole number. Shibboleth is an access management service that provides single sign-on protected resources. If anyone could help with comments, or websites, or where I can find useful information about what I’m mentioned, that would be greatly appreciated. If b16.1m institution uses Shibboleth authentication, please contact your site administrator to receive your user name and password.

Basically, snsi have been shown to follow the way to design the shaft as was mentioned above, calculating loads, calculating bending moments, torsion, choosing material on that, etc, etc. Can any one help with how to design keys and keyways? Various Applications of the Membrane Theory. Also, the clauses on keys and fasteners were revised to reflect current practices with higher allowable stresses in some cases. I am currently doing an assignment for uni where we have to design an intermediate shaft situated between a belt drive and chain drive which is part of an air compressor drive system.


Item Detail – ANSI/AGMA E08 (reaffirmed March )

Safety should be high on peoples priorities as pulley shafts breaking are a dangerous thing to happen. B1066.1m also quite clueless here. Please sign back in to continue. Myself, I fall victom to these modern formulas that bypass the first principles – Even my old inherited Mathews conveyor papers don’t do all the teaching.

The bearing section was updated to include consideration of life adjustment factors, bearing lives other than hours and reliability levels other than L For assistance or to subscribe, please contact qnsi. It replaces the multiple user names and passwords necessary to access subscription-based content with a single user name and password that can be entered once per session.

ANSI ASME B106.1 1985

Too many overnight experts in this field I fear. In this paper I demonstrated via case studies, pulleys especially Anis ones have been known to fail due to dynamics being ignored. You must be logged in as an individual user to share content.

It consolidated with minor revision, information contained in the following superseded AGMA Standards:.

You have to know when dynamics plays a part. Then someone only mentioned ISO keyway. Des 4Jul 01, 7 pages doi: Suggestions for improvement of this standard will be welcome. Here they got to realise why they had lost conveyor structures as their mechanical counterparts had for example, never even heard of the expression “aborted start” or anything else dynamic for that matter, and they normally get bum information to work from.

Click here to Renew Now. SCOPE This standard provides an acceptable practice for the design and selection of components for enclosed gear drives. For this and other reasons I wrote the paper on “Golden Rules” for conveyor design which was persented at Belcon It consolidated with minor revision, information contained in the following superseded AGMA Standards: Minimum material requirements were added for shaft material and the shaft deflection clause was moved to an annex.


It is not intended for use by the engineering public at large. Sign in or create your free personal ASME account. HA You saw how I was the first person to say that I wasn’t smart enough to figure it out. Its not just pulleys that suffer from mis-information either. As conveyor pulley designers we have to assume and we all know what that stands for that the conveyor designers have done there job correctly and what figures we are given to design with are correct. Also, equations for shaft deformation were added.

With respect to dynamic or static calculations for determining belt tensions I leave that upto more skilled people than I to determine. Oh and by the way, I hope andi guys have someone young working with you with a good attitude that you can share this knowledge. One of these days I am going to ask you guys about how to calculate L10 life of bearings. Originally posted by johngateley Each letter costs about 20 quid every year: The time now is I also indicated that if you can’t even spell dynamics, what precautionary factors can be used.

My colleagues and I joke about how everyone you talk to seems to be the resident expert. At the b106.1, of publication, the editions indicated were valid. For assistance or to subscribe, please contact us: Other components are discussed in a manner to provide an awareness of their function or specific requirements.

All standards are subject to revision, and parties to agreements based on this American National Standard are encouraged to investigate the possibility of applying the most recent editions of the standards indicated below. Stress Design Pumps Equations.