Aloe sinkatana. Fairly quick grower it is a good flowerer and an easy species to care. They do look better with some sun protection though. A young turgid plant. Aloe sinkatana usually doesn’t get larger than 6″, but clusters up to form mounds. The inflorescence is flat-topped and yellow which is unusual for aloes. Welcome to the famous Dave’s Garden website. Join our friendly community that shares tips and ideas for gardens, along with seeds and plants.

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The seedlings can be planted out in individual bags or containers as soon as they are large enough to handle[ Title PlantZAfrica.

Aloe sinkatana

How to Grow and Care for Aloe. The leaf juice is valued locally to treat a variety of ailments including skin diseases, constipation, anthelmintic and haemorrhoids. Next Article Myrtillocactus cochal Candelabra Cactus. These include congestion and irritation sinkwtana the pelvic organs[ Title Protabase – Plant Resources of Tropical Africa. Aloe sinkatana has been growing in the ground in my garden since the sinoatana s and has formed a patch about a foot and a half square.

The distinctive constituents in Aloe leaves are phenolic compounds, including chromone, anthraquinone or anthrone derivatives. Must be a good flowerer and reproducer as hybrids with this species are flooding the aloe market, and are all over the botanical gardens. So perhaps watch the water on thi The sinkagana margins are tinged in pink to reddish-orange and armed with forward pointing sharp, prickly pink to brownish teeth.


Compact clumping rosettes, up to 60 cm tall and cm in diameter.

However, in this colder than average winter of 09 the larger has succumbed to basal rot and kicked the bucket. They can withstand full summer sun, once acclimated. Supplemental watering will help keeping the leaves plump and juicy. The flowers attracts hummingbirds at a time when there are not many other sin,atana flowers available. Cover the seed with a sinkqtana layer of sand 1 – 2mmkeep moist. On Dec 5,thistlesifter from Vista, CA wrote: Last update on Prime destination for succulent lovers.

Aloe Species

The fruit is a many-seeded capsule, dehiscing loculicidally. Aloe Species Aloe sinkatana. If aooe have any useful information about this plant, please leave a comment. The flowers are quite different, though, coming out in mid winter at least here in So Cal and on simple sometimes branched stalks topped with a whorl of yellow-green, dangling flowers.

In mild climates it can be cultivated outdoors for use in landscaping, it can be grown in large, rocky, well-drained soil in gardens in drier areas. On Jul 26,baiissatva from Dunedin, New Zealand wrote:.

Other Uses None known Propagation Seed – we have no specific information on this species – in general Aloes are sown in a sandy, well-drained potting soil in a warm, alor position in standard seed trays. Aloe sinkatana Fairly quick grower it is a good flowerer and an easy species to care. Repot plants in the spring that are tipping over their pots or have ceased growing.


All the information and photos in cactus art files are now available also in the new the Encyclopaedia of Succulents. Dangling, bisexual, pale yellow-green to bright orange, organized in simple sometimes branched pyramidal whorl on short flower stems. View this plant in a garden.

Aloe sinkatana is easy to grow and adaptable, it suckers freely and can form dense groups. The leaves are also used to treat fever, diabetic, tonsillitis and inflammatory colon.

Aloe sinkatana – Useful Tropical Plants

The heaviest bloom time is in winter. I suspect the rot set in during late summer, since it had failed to thrive since then when I think about it, so my heavy hand with the watering can might be to blame rather than the cold.

Sinkarana repotting of a larger plant, it is possible to carefully divide the root ball. Asphodelaceae as-foh-del-AY-see-ee Info Genus: I have to remove plants each year to keep it confined to that area.

It is under a tall fabric cold frame in winter, but seems to be frost hardy. I just cant get excited about it, however- not certain why! It has oblong white translucent blotches arranged in a series of irregular transverse bands. CAM plants can fix carbon dioxide at night and photosynthesize with closed stomata during the day, thus minimizing water loss.

It sucker below base from root and forms large groups. Tropical Plants Database, Ken Fern.