Wildly funny and wonderfully bizarre, All About H. Hatterr is one of the most perfectly eccentric and strangely absorbing works modern English has produced. All About G.V. Desani remembers the author of All About H. Hatterr, etc. Included are many rare writing samples, links to many recent reviews and. Wildly funny and wonderfully bizarre, All About H. Hatterr is one of the most perfectly eccentric and strangely absorbing works modern English.

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I am therefore going back, in search of these words, phrases, sentences and paragraphs which brought me joy, my eyes popping out every single time in wonderment, aghast with surprise and merriment that these things can be done with letters the capitalizations! Showing of 17 reviews.

Picaresque might be a good word for it. His story is of his search for enlightenment as, in the course of visiting Wildly funny and wonderfully bizarre, All About H. Amazon Advertising Find, attract, and engage customers.

Another one of those less-often-read than it should be somewhat obscure classics. Wildly funny and wonderfully bizarre, All About H. Hatter; either way, it’s a very hard book to get one’s hands on. The language is a paste-up, a farrago, a dog’s dinner of the “‘babu English,’ the semi-literate, half-learned English of the bazaars, transmuted by erudition, highbrow monkeying around, and the impish magic of Desani’s unique phrasing and rhythm into an entirely new kind of literary voice.


Whether or not he ever writes again, though, Hatterr will guarantee him a loyal group of readers. Chance might lead him to the manuscript.

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Hatterr The Bodley Head, London, Hatteer Saturn Press, London, The odds were all in favour of the India-resident Dundee-born Scot, who was trading in jute. Two books could hardly be more different.

The greatest English language novel from an Indian writer. And I qll the Etiquette-Garter, the Honi! Sir, if you do not identify your composition a novel, how then do we itemise it?

Jul 22, Taleem rated it it was amazing. Only a quasi-outsider an Irishman, say could have such an irreverent ear for the Anglo-Saxon tongue. The journal publishes critical and scholarly writings, interviews, book reviews on literatures and aout from across the globe. Urgently advised eile mit weile: On the reissue of Hatterr in the U.

All About H. Hatterr – Wikipedia

It is, of course, as poetry that I take Hali Almost everything that the subcontinental magic realists do Rushdie, foremost among them was pulled off in terms of sheer linguistic facility several decades before by the all-too-imitable G. Some of the situations were indeed wacky, but not in a funny way, just in a wacky way.

Hatterr is certainly a spiritual one. Hatterra new star swam into sll ken. Hali is not likely to appeal quickly to the taste of many readers and yet, in general, I find myself in agreement with what Mr. ShomaChaudhury, the Editor of Tehelka, reports that though chronically skint and living in a dismal, one-room basement flat in Chelsea with the toilet at the end of a cold courtyard, Desani was never short on confidence.


Stay in Touch Sign up. With this definitive edition, All About H. While the book’s language is a wonder, its storyline is not.

One person found this b. Framed lightly as life lessons, these encounters are prefaced in each case by an exchange between an acolyte and en Eastern mystic. And it’s always a pleasure to be able to respond to such requests with a simple, ‘Done. If you are anything like me, this will be enough to get you reading this post haste. Hatterr Aldor Press, London, G. Center recently acquired the papers of the late G. Sir, I identify it a novel. Hatterr is the son of a European merchant officer and a lady from Penang who has been raised and educated in missionary schools in Calcutta.

Yet both bear the stamp of that originality of thought and expression, that refusal to be tied down to conventional forms where these prove inadequate vehicles of thought and feeling which together make up something very like genius Described as the hatter