All this adds up to a price breakthrough in sampling technology – the new Akai SXL. SXL Operator’s Manual Page 1 INTRODUCTION FEATURES. Hi! Is there anybody who have the manuals for the AKAI S and S? I have searched all the net, but came up empty:(I have e-mailed. S Owners Manual download. SI Owners Manual download. SXL Owners Manual download. S Owners Manual.

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Note that any loop points you have set will stay in the same absolute positions, and will not be reversed with the sample. You may select from different volumes by moving the cursor to the yol: For setting parameters that affect the sampler as a whole plus access to utilities such as DAT backup, MIDI song file play and hard disk recording For saving programs, samples, multis, effects and manusl systems, etc.

It is possible to be viewing other programs whilst playing another. The SXL will read the floppy disk mankal list the song files that it contains. If the disk contains a copy of the operating system and this operating system is the same or a higher version number than the ROM version, this will be loaded.

Full text of “Akai: SXL owner’s manual”

As the disk is being loaded you will receive something like the following display to keep you aware of progress: Naturally, this block editing function can be used to delete blocks of steps as well.

Of course, you will need to assign each program to have different MIDI channels: The reason we have programs is because raw samples, however much you may have trimmed, looped, crossfaded, stretched, etc. More choices in this product category from other s300 Should you press this by mistake, aka will see that the boxed area in the lower right of the screen still retains the new name you entered so press NAME immediately followed by ENT and make your choice again.

This takes you to the parameters concerned with individual keygroups. This will reset all the parameters described above to their default values and will clear the program name field, leaving it blank. This toggles between ONE and ALL and allows you to choose between editing either one single keygroup or all keygroups simultaneously.


Akai S3000XL User Manual

These are selected in the MIDI mode. You might like to try layering more parts.

This function may also be used to emulate the characteristics of older drum machines. Unlike the TUNE parameter, this offset is constant no matter what the played pitch of the sample is. Here, samples are made and edited, placed into programs which can be played singly if you wish and these programs can be placed into a multi where several programs my be played together. Page 10 Effect select large hall, small hall, large room, small room, reverse, gated, etc.

Use one of these as the basis of your new sample. The programs lower than 10 would be unaffected. This parameter sets the time it takes for the LF01 effect to take place after a note-on.

There is no specific si manual but there is s others and an s adendum. You may prefer to layer sounds using RNUM rather than creating one program with the required sample s in it because there are certain aspects to creating a program that affect all things the same.

If set to HIGH, then notes from other programs with lower priority will be stolen before they are stolen from this program. Bykonc3pt Sat Dec 20, It is worth giving your tags useful names to avoid confusion at a later date. I have had a Si for about 10 years now, I bought it second hand, this is a brilliant sampler w This takes you the ‘naming mode’ where you may name samples, programs, effects, etc.

The ROM shipped with with Version 1.

As you adjust the LOW and HIGH parameters for a keygroup, you will see its range depicted in the graphic representation of the keyboard to the screen’s left. Another quick method for selecting keygroups method is to press and hold the EDIT key and play a note on the keyboard.


Please copy the displayed number into the box to post:.

Reducing this parameter will give greater extremes of velocity range although please s33000 that you will not be using the full resolution of the sampler’s dynamic range. Bykneebone77 Fri Dec 19, 8: This field is also not accessible and shows the number of samples used in the selected program. Pressing in any of the DSP pages will give this screen display: As you decrease this from 99, you will remove the upper harmonics resulting in a softer tone.

Akai S | Vintage Synth Explorer

Aside from all the fun things you can do with envelope shaping, filtering and so forth, it is in a program that you map all these multi-samples across the keyboard. You can’t name a set up and so you can’t see the multi-timbral setup referred to by name when you come to load it.

This sets the range for bending pitch down and, again, the range is semitones. Here are a few ideas: Of course, you cannot edit these sequence files but this function allows you to use the SXL as a sequence data filer so that, if you are playing live and require backing tracks or whatever, you can do so without the inconvenience of taking your sequencer with you.

This only became apparent when you maunal to perform a snare roll or something similar. However, for historical reasons, in order to be compatible with sound disks created on Akai S, S and the series, you can, in fact, play several programs at once.

Another method may be to send, say, snare and kick to individual outputs but take them out of the stereo 3s000 and just have toms and percussion in a stereo image coming out of the main stereo mix.