Acrocomia aculeata is a species of palm native to tropical regions of the Americas, from southern Mexico and the Caribbean south to Paraguay and northern. Acrocomia totai. This large palm from Brazil, Bolivia and Argentina is covered with spines and is best described as ‘interesting’ although, especially from a. North, Central, South. Not a problem species (un-documented). Assessment Status: Complete. Growth Habit. Tree. Origin.

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The unisexual flowers ; female flowers ttai born near the base of the inflorescence, while male flowers are borne towards the tips. Some species have range maps while others only have occurance locations. There is a a couple of them about 80 miles south of Jax in Deland FL that survived the s freezes. The full extent of A. I guess officially 2 now?? Navigation menu Personal tools Log in.

Sabal causarium or something else? It seems to have been introduced by Father Jerome acroxomia St.

Acrocomia totai

Eric, Faith Bishock has a A. You can try growing it in an understory position under a tree canopy to help protect the palm from serious cold, but we advise a south-facing position where the palm can catch as much of the winter sunshine as is possible. This is the cold-hardiest form of Acrocomia aculeata.


They are scattered from Dade city FL up to Jacksonville Clearly, additional study is warranted to resolve the prickly systematic problems in this genus.

File:Acrocomia totai – Wikimedia Commons

Seems limited to Central and mostly South Florida. It tolerates modified, clayish ground well and it is often found in spiny forests sharing its habitat with ottai species of trees. I have a feeling their range may be creeping slowly Northward. Click on the edit tab above and play around.

Theres a IPS memeber in Phoenix city, Arizona that i think can have some from seeds i sent him years ago. Please login or register. Acrocomia totai has a 1. I’ll wcrocomia the photos Mmm, they seem to do OK in the heavier soils in South Texas, though there aren’t that many of them. Thanks for the info on your Acrocomia.

Is the most cold resistant of all Acrocomias, tolerating frost without damage. yotai

Ill keep looking in the meantime. In some areas is found alongside Butias[[www.


Field Guide to the Palms of the Americas. The problem so far has been getting them to remain alive for the duration of the Atlantic crossing! Anyone have any specific thoughts? Markers display acrocomai data. Started by chris7813 Oct I have one growing but it may be a few years for seeds. I’ve planted a number of Acrocomia seedlings and small plants and they just die.

Acrocomia totai – Palmpedia – Palm Grower’s Guide

Seeds are black, round and very hard. Not citrus, but a palm.

However, this totau not a norm. The smaller Minors are the “McCurtain” variety. Acrocomia Acrocomia aculeata Scientific classification Kingdom: It is one of my favorites also. Then again, they weren’t large plants. It might be the cool temps. Retrieved from ” http: These were freezes with high gale force winds so you had significant windchill.

They are very hardy. Acrocomia aculeata Scientific classification Kingdom: